Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Guest Post: Molly MUA review

Hey everyone!,
It's Molly (FashionIsMyWorld) I am so happy to have the chance to post on this
wonderful blog.

A little bit about me!
Name: Molly June!
My hobbies: My hobbies are gymnastics and blogging!
My blog: Well I started a blog back on May and I have done a blog post almost everyday from then.
I am obsessed with fashion and beauty! And the link is below for my blog:


So today I will be reviewing the MUA shade 3 lip gloss. So I bought this from super drug
today for only £1. So for one pound I didn't think that it would not be that good because
most lip glosses I buy are £4 or over. So I bought it and here are some pictures!
Lets start the review shall we!
The packaging:
I quite like the packaging I think it's very modern and different in a way! I like
the shape its unusual. I like the big writing on the lip gloss tube. This came with plastic film over
The smell:
The smell of this is gorgeous! It smells a bit like marsh mellows! I really like the smell
it is a bit weird yeah but its really fresh in a way! I love the smell of sweet lip glosses!
The actual product:
So this lip gloss was a good buy me thinks! It was a great buy you get loads of product
in there and the wand is very good to! The wand is quite big ( I'm sorry I couldn't show you this)
It has a really big brush at the end so you can just put it on in a couple of splashes. The product
is really thick so should last a long long time! There are many coloures to chose from mine is a
shade 3! There were light pinks and browns.This lip gloss looks very natural on your lips so would
be great for school also it does not leave that sticky horrible feeling on your lips so thats a big
YES! This brand also did the same in a tube wich I was thinking of getting but I
decided to get this one instead. I prefer wands to tubes I think they are
a lot easier to apply on to your lips.
The price is £1! wich I think is very good for what you get!
Is it worth the money? Yes deffinetly a £1 for a lip gloss!
Rate: 4/5 (very good!)
Thank you for giving me the chance to blog on this wonderfull blog!

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