Friday, 3 August 2012

Italian Fashion: The Real Deal!

Hi guys !
So I previously went to Rome and I'm sorry I didn't complete the Rome journey updates but my phone was acting up and I couldn't get it on to the internet. But anyway I saw a lot of fashion that I wanted to share with you, and that was my way of giving back for not doing the blogs. So here you go and there is a little surprise for you all in the next couple of days/weeks. So I hope you enjoy reading this post on stereotypical fashion and what they actually wear.
Milano moda donna inverno 2010 - Prada

So this is what everyone says italian women and teenagers tend to wear. Whilst I was queuing up in the Coliseum I noticed these 3 girls, probably about 16/17 dressed in tight short black dresses with black sunnies and black high heels. But I also noticed they were trying to hide lots of plasters they had on their feet by wearing nude tights, but it wasn't working, and it DEFINITELY wasn't glamorous like everyone said it was. So I had another BIG look around whilst I was in the queue (because I was stood there for about 2 hours, I had nothing else to do) I noticed a couple of outfits that came up a lot whilst I was walking round, and I'm going to show you them now...


Miss Selfridge Tropical Printed Playsuit
So one of the things I saw a lot of were playsuits, especially patterned ones. They are really good for the hot weather because they are strappy, which wont make you hot because it doesn't cling to the skin as much. They are also very girly and if it gets cold in the evening you could always just throw either a shrug or a cardigan on top. If you want to get one I recommend this one from Miss Selfridge for £20. It's bold tropical mirrored pattern on top with the black at the bottom will definitely make you stand out of the crowd, IN A GOOD WAY.

2. Dip-hems (High-low's)

Topshop Dip Hem Dress by Oh My Love**
So this is another one I kept on seeing. I think there were so much because lots of italian celebs were rocking the trend on some of the posters. But also there were a lot of market stalls selling the same dip-hem hot pink and blue dresses which I saw all day, for 5 days running basically. I like the look and I saw different people with different ways of styling it. I saw 3 kinds of shoes being worn with this dress and I thought I would rate them by how well I thought it went with the dress. BUT I'll save that for another post. If you want to get this look try this coral dress from TOPSHOP for £18!

BUT if you still think that the stereotypical is 'fashionable' I found a dress for you that resembles class with lace but at a small price.
This dress is sexy but sweet. From

Thanks for reading guys x

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