Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My 3 swear by bargain Sites....

Well hello there beautiful, is that a new dress?
Hi guys, today I thought it would be a neat idea to tell you the three websites I go to for cheap discounts on fashion & beauty. I didn't really use to use them but as I got more aware about how expensive clothes and make-up actually were, it was a wake up call for me to try and find cheaper solutions to the dying hunger for fashion which is my life. So I'll basically tell you my top 3 in a jumbled up order of shops that have cheap clothing and cosmetics from brands or are just naturally cheap!

I love fragrance direct because you find really high-quality things on here. I've bought sets mostly from there, for christmas and things. But I always make people hamper's of make-up or beauty products with things I buy from there, and I buy Mum soap from there because she likes nice smelling things! So Fragrance Direct is really good because were in a recession and you can get some great deals on there.
The second that pretty much everyone knows about and uses is Primark. I like primark a lot because the fabric is very high-quality, but then again if you get something for £5 and it doesn't last for ages then it's not the end of the world since your only paying that for it! 3 years ago I bought a snood from there and even though it's got a general wear it's not got any holes and I wear it to this day, so that's just one of the many things I buy from there, you can go in there and easily buy your whole seasonal wardrobe for under £65 and a HUGE bag of clothes!
I discovered this site whilst watching a haul on Zoella's channel and decided I should have a look for myself! Style compare is a site where you can basically type anything in (e.g aztec, scarf etc.) and it will come up with a whole load of things in that category/style! Now there are two bits to the site, the normal search that I just explained, and the sale corner. The sale corner is great because it tells you when there are a load of designer's having big sales of 50% and so on, and you can get great deals from there so whenever I've got some cash from birthdays and stuff I always have a cheeky little look at that bit of the site. The link is below if you guys want to have a looksy ;)

I hope you had fun reading this and take care guys x

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