Thursday, 23 August 2012

OOTD: Camping!

Hi Guys!
Your very lucky today, because I'm double posting! I'm just going camping with my youth group and thought I'd share with you what I'm going to wear so it can give you an idea if your ever going camping and still want to look fabulous whilst doing it.

I think this shirt and the jumper go well together because putting on the purple jumper makes the orange shirt look less fluorescent in my eyes, and then I complemented it with a purple necklace which again draws attention away from the orange.
So first I've got some good old leggings, which I wear non-stop so they tend to get dirty, but they're still in good shape and I walk in them a lot. All the items I'm wearing will be listed below!

I'm obviously going to wear wellies on my feet, but other than that I kept it quite casual and cool looking I think. Here are the things I wore, not including the wellies which are from farm & pet place if your asking.

Purple Jumper: Bank 
Top: Hollister (Sports Direct)
Leggings: River Island
Necklace: Vintage

Thank for reading and let me know if you want more OOTD's x


  1. I love this little outfit it's so cute! Yes I would like to see more O.O.T.D! xx

  2. A Thankyou! I'm going on holiday on Monday so I will do some OOTD x

  3. Seriously loving those leggings!! im also loving the fact your only 13 and your writing a blog!!! good for you!!
    And dont worry about thinking your a bit'll learn to realise that being a bit odd and kooky is actually pretty damn cool!!

    By the way i found you via the blog love therapy blog hop - and followed!!

    1. Thanks a bunch :D And btw I love your blog! I started when I was 12, but my birthday was in July :)xxx

  4. Are you going to do anything for your 4000 page views?

  5. Love those leggings xxx
    Just found you through the blog therapy blog hop xx Its fab isnt it for finding lovely new blogs to read xx Would you like to follow each other ? xx

    1. I'd love to :Dx I'll follow you now lovely xx