Monday, 20 August 2012

Primark Christmas Collection 2012 Faves!

Hi Guys!
I recently read that primark were showing their new christmas collection as a sneak peek on the LOOK site, so I went to have a look and I really liked what I saw! I'm a mahoosive fan of Primark so this might be a long post, I'll show go ahead and show you my faves now then.

Primark Christmas Collection 2012

Floaty sheer skirts are very popular this autumn and winter because the party season is starting to unfold and everyone likes to dress up in formal outfits. I like what they've done with the model because they're showing a casual side to how you can wear this skirt. The whole outfit IS available I believe at all Primark's in the UK. They haven't revealed the prices yet, but I say this skirt would approximately be around £7, but that's just a guess:).

Primark Christmas Collection 2012

This year the A/W collection in Primark is all focused around metallics and baby colours. I Love this dress because this season collars & sequins have been very common and trendy on the high-street, I like the length of the dress, because it wouldn't really look nice as a very short or maxi dress, and I think that black goes with everything FACT. I would definitely pair this dress with a plum lipstick like this one in 'cunning' from MAC.

MAC lipstick in Cunning.

Primark Christmas Collection 2012

I love wedges personally, but some people think that they're hard to walk in, but I disagree completely! I think they are actually easier to walk in because the structure is built differently. I like these because they are keeping it real with black, but then they add an edge to it by putting studs on the sides. I would pair these a flared midi skirt in coral or a baby pink.

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  2. I love that jumper! Can't believe everybody is talking about christmas already!

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    1. Hey I've followed you back and yeah I'm actually excited about christmas this year :-)