Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review: LUSH Happy Hippy Body & Hair Wash

Today I thought I would do a review since I haven't done one in absolutely ages and I'm really excited to review this particular product! So since about a month ago I've been absolutely obsessed with all things lemon. From lemon curd on toast to beauty products. I actually used this at my Nain's (grandma's) house and I just loved it and it did wonders to my skin. So here's the review and pictures, I hope you like it!

I've always loved lush's infamous packaging because it's very classic yet effective. The font on the package suits what they are giving to you, and the little hippy on the side just adds a bit of fun to it.

So as I've explained I LOVE lemony products. And when you get the whiff of this product you know it's lemon. But I must admit it is a bit too strong a smell of lemon, you know that sweety smell of lemon that no-one likes instead of the nicer body shop lemony smell, well that's what you get from this babey. So I'm not to keen on the smell, it's a bit strong so I give the smell 3/5 stars.

Does it do what it says on the tin?:
It says it makes your muscles relax, and in my case it actually did do that for me, I'd been playing football all day and then I got in the bath and became really relaxed while this product sank in. I find this is actually better than a lot of body butter's and shower gel's I've tried and the smell actually stays on but the good thing is when you actually put it on the smell fades after a bit and it's a lot lessof an 'in your face' smell. So doing what it does I give it a 5/5.

Price: £3.15 per 100g (I've got the 100g one which is the smallest)
Worth the money?: Well yes I suppose it's quite pricey for shower gel but overall it's worth the money yes,
Overall rating: 8/10

Thanks for reading guys x

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