Thursday, 23 August 2012


Hi my little blogsters,
I thought I'd show you some tracks I'm absolutely LOVING this summer. I've got quite a few and I'll put the video as well so you can have a look at that too.

Good Time- Owl City

I really like this song because it starts quite slow but then it's a really upbeat song all the way through the rest of it. I've loved Owl City since I heard their song 'fireflies' which I thought was a great song and I still sing it occasionally. As for Carly Ray Jepsen, I found her first hit SOOO annoying because it was stuck in my head for two weeks and I hated it, but in this song she actually sounds really good because she's focusing on her vocals instead of the actual rhythm and dancing of the song.

Under the Sun- Cheryl Cole

I couldn't find her official video, which is a shame because she's one of those people who can't sing under pressure. I liked the rhythm because it's old school, and I really like that kind of sound. I don't usually like Cheryl Cole because she's a drama queen and lots of her songs are rubbish, but that's just my opinion.

Little Talks- Of Monsters And Men

This is probably my favorite of them all! I don't really like this style of music sometimes because they're really depressing sometimes, but this one is actually ok, it's still depressing BUT at least the tune is catchy. If your looking for another band in this genre that DOES sing happy songs, how about two door cinema club? I really like them and think they are just amazing.

Hoped you liked this post and please tell me if you want more posts like this :D

Thanks for reading x

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