Sunday, 2 September 2012

10 day you challenge: Nine loves

I told you all what the 10 day challenge was but if your just checking out my blog now, you can find it here.
So last time I did Ten secrets, but this time I'm doing nine loves, which is probably a lot easier than ten secrets! Anyway I'm not gonna talk about it for long so let's just crack on.

1. My family & My Best friend Cyd.
2. Barry m nail polish
3. Living in the country 
4. All the positive friendships I have made since starting blogging in April 2012.
5. My Blog- Without this beauty I wouldn't have as much courage and determination like I have today.
6. My Rabbit Lliwen.
7. Shopping.
8. My Revlon lip butter. I adore it.
9. All my amazing followers on twitter & my blog.

Thanks for reading x

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