Monday, 24 September 2012

Guest Post: Topshop 'Gypsy Night' Polish

Hey I'm Laura, I write a lifestyle blog over at 'That's So Yesterday'

Today I am guest posting for the lovely Anna, thanks for letting be hijack your blog Anna. I wish that blogger was around when I was 13. As I look back at all the different trends and things I wore in a blur, as it was forever ago it would be great to have it a here to read. One thing that has never changed is my love for black nail polish, and than I started thinking about what would 'The Life Of A Fashion Nerd' readers like to read about. The two blended in my mind, and I thought why not share my all time favourite black polish!  

Yes Topshop's Gypsy Night is by far, thee best black polish I have ever had as it's not just black it has bits of glitter that make it look like the galaxy in a bottle. It's £6.00 GBP so it's a little pricey, but not compared with some polishes on the market. Topshop actual stopped selling it was a while, and now it's back in store -So I could stock up! 

Applying- For the full effect, go for two to three coats so that colour is deep and the green, golden and red glitter stands out more. You could ask just layer it over a dark polish, I have a really ugly coloured one and I tend to use that as a base. This not only will use up old or unloved polish, but ask mean that your Gypsy Night will last longer.

Getting creative- This is great for using with neon nail art pens and sliver! On these nails I used the sliver to dot the outline of a half moon, than I used it to draw a heart. Once dry, I took my bright pink nail art pen and went over the sliver heart. This makes the colour really pop. You could try just adding some stick on gems, for a more glam look. Get creative!

Wear- I usually apply a top coat just because I like a high gloss finish, but it does last well without. I can usually make it at least four days without a chip!

I love this polish and am still yet to find a black polish that beats it, Topshop actually have a huge range of great shades. I think my 13 year old goth self would have approved of this too! 

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  1. Such a pretty color ^^