Monday, 10 September 2012

Second-Hand is Grand! (+ some thrift shopping tips)

Hi Guys!
Yes, I know it's a cheesy title but I thought it was cute, so yeay for dodgy titles! So anyway I recently bought some second hand shoes from a charity shop, for an amazing price, and that's what I'm here to talk about.

I'm sorry this photo isn't amazing quality, but the lighting was being weird so it's not the best picture.

These are Primark Hot Pink heels. If your such a lover of pink as I am, you'd know how much I am in LOVE right now. I bought these from a local charity shop for £5, I thought these were amazing so I just HAD to. I'm one of those people where if they see a charity shop, they have just got to go in. I love charity shops because you can find all sorts of treasures there that are new and old. Yes sure some of them have just got rubbish little things that none of us use, but if your like me and believe that you can find something decent anywhere, your the one for charity shopping.

Here's another beautiful shot of my shoessssss....

Here are my top tips on thrift shopping, I do love giving people tips for the future just in case they need them!

  • If you're going thrift shopping, make sure you go to a town with lots of them, therefore you have lots of choice.
  • Be patient, because you might not be as lucky on your first trip.


  1. love your blog. new follower anyway, if you don't mind, follow my blog.

  2. Really lovely shoes....
    Im a new follower of ur blog....Found u through BBU Blog Hop....