Saturday, 1 September 2012

Veuxdoo: Discount for UK bloggers & my faves!

Hi everyone :-)
I'm here to talk to you today to tell you about this amazing site that I found! It's called and they sell all kinds of clothing such as vintage & modern. I actually discovered this site through twitter when the actual company contacted me saying that they had a 10% off to UK bloggers if you blogged about their site before September 2nd (which by the time I finish this post should be tomorrow) if you are a blogger and you do live in the UK, I do really recommend doing this because a lot of their stuff are in-expensive and it's just an extra bonus really to get a 10% discount! I've chosen my top 3 that I would wear/buy from Veuxdoo.

Purple Denim Wash Shirt:

I'm loving denim at the moment. I find it so comfortable to just have a casual day, and with this shirt you can do that constantly. It's decently priced at £20 and has rose pink detail at the back. I like this shirt because it's not like all the others on the market because it's quirky by adding a bit of detail at the front with studs and some other bits & bobs at the back.

Blue Shorts:

I've been looking for some colored shorts that were an appropriate length for ages, because I'm not the type of person who likes to show off their legs to much because one I don't like being cold, and two I don't like half of my bum showing. For as cheap as £18 I'd buy two but obviously I'm not going to!

Cropped Sweat top:

I'm obsessed with the peace sign at the moment because I just love the sign and think it's very simple but effective. I also love tie dye so it's basically a double whammy for me :-).

Thanks for reading and hope you check out Veuxdoo x

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