Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Veuxdoo Wishlist!

Hi Everyone! 
I feel like I haven't posted a fashion post in ages, so I thought to break the silence, I would show you my number 1 edgy and vintage independent stockist, Veuxdoo! I just thought I'd show you my wishlist because I love the shop.
Green Sparkling Druzy Gem Necklace £9
This necklace reminds me of galaxy and clusters. I also just love the colors and how they are mixed together, it reminds me of nature and the necklaces I used to see in my Grandmother's picture of her in the old days! The colors aren't the same, but The style and the length is very 50's and 60's.

Floral Vest Top £14
Since the summer has gone, everyone is stocking up on the wool, but with this shirt you can throw on a very chunky knit. Neutrals would be perfect instead of pinks and blues, sadly the summer has gone but you can still have a splash of color with this vest.

Tartan Midi Skirt £12
I've been avoiding tartan for quite a while now, but when I saw this, I made an exception because this is again another piece to go with chunky neutrals to brighten up your boring winter wardrobe, match with tights & brogues.

Dancing Skeleton Drop Earrings £5
I thought these would be a great addition to any halloween outfit! I'm always on the lookout for spooky jewellery, and this is definitely a cheap addition to my wardrobe.

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  1. You are a such good young blogger! Maybe you could inspire other teens x

    1. Thankyouuuu so much:) do you have a blog or twitter so I can follow you :D x

  2. No sorry Hun, but keep on blogging girl, you will get somewhere one day x