Monday, 15 October 2012

Alison Claire Lemon Grass Foot Cream Review!

Hello Everyone!
I'm trying to catch up with a load of posts this week, so you might find yourself having to catch up on some of my posts! The lovely people from Alison Claire towers broad casted on twitter a couple of months ago if any bloggers would like to review a sample of their footcreams, since I suffer from dry feet in the winter aswell as my mum, I thought it would be a great idea to try it out and also to see if it worked on my mum, because if it did it would be a great present for my mum. 

As you can see, I received two pots of 10ml each from and the first thing I noticed was that I could re-use the pots for keeping my spare earrings, so if you're reading this and you're looking for an interesting way to store your jewellery/bits & bobs these are quite good!

Brief Bio:
''With a subtle fragrance and the anti-microbial action of lemongrass this pampering 
cream contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and argan oil to thoroughly 
soften and moisturise. Double-action witch hazel adds astringent refreshment to tired 
feet leaving them feeling alive and vibrant. 

Fight foot fatigue with this welcome rest and recuperation therapy.''
-Alison Claire

After I read this description on the site, I fell in love and immediately JUMPED at the chance to try and review this foot cream.

 Lemongrass Foot Cream (200ml)

The Scent:
When I smelt this for the first time I actually wanted to eat it it smells so good! It obviously smells of Lemongrass by the name of the product, but the smell actually stays on your feet for about 5 hours! It's the sweetest smell I've ever smelt and nose was just smelling it all night!

The Effect:
The night I received it, all of my family thought it smelt so good, I ended up giving everyone a foot massage, including my Mum's feet which were very smooth the next day. Each pot lasted about 6 full massages, and both pots lasted us for about 3 weeks maybe? We used it wisely, and it made a MASSIVE difference to my mum's heel, which is the most damaged, it was a lot more smooth, and the skin was healing smoothly. Dad also has dry heels, and this also had the same effect on him. I don't particularly have bad feet, but it was nice to treat myself to a little massage now and then.

Product Details:
Now I'm definitely going to buy the full sized product at some point since it is so amazing, and also their products are mostly bio-natural, so a lot of their ingredients are natural. The price of a full product (200ml) is at the moment £12. I thought this was really reasonable for the amount of product you would be getting.

Thanks for reading and let Alison Claire know I sent you x


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