Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A-Z of Anna...

Hi Guys! 
I've just noticed how mememe this post sounds, but it's actually a tag, and I've seen it around quite a lot lately. I love tags because you get to know the blogger about more, and not just the boring stuff like where they live and why they blog, the kind of questions that re-surface a lot. The tag is basically a question for every letter, and it's anything you can come up with, and it doesn't have to have anything to do with blogging! I hope you like this post, and feel free to comment if you'd like to see more x

A- Age? 
I turned 13 in July, and I must say being a teenager is a lot different to being a 'tween'!

Blogging Inspiration?
My blogging inspirations were Zoe and Louise, but I was first introduced to it by a lot of local blogs, and I just liked how they were written and just the hole idea of it really.

C-Colors for Autumn?
I'm loving deep, wine colors this autumn, I only really buy light polishes, but this time round I've been discovering a lot of dark gems from the rimmel and nails inc ranges.

My dream is to live in New York and work for a succesful magazine company. I love writing as you can see, and I also love taking pictures!

E-Entertainment, as in what music do you like?
I am in love with british bands, particularly Coldplay, Marina and the Diamonds, Florence Welch, and Calvin Harris.

F- Favorite Food? Oh yes, a double F
My favorite food is probably indian and chinese food, I love it and the color and smell definitely drags me in!

G- Greatest Memory?
I've got loads but probably going to see Wales V Argentina in the Millenium Stadium when I was about 10 year old.

H- Habits?
I have some weird habits but my weirdest is I always have to sleep in the same position, and I wake up  exactly where I was. I also talk and walk in my sleep, which is pretty freaky!

I suppose my inspirations just as a celebrity idol are Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift, they are both powerful women and I spent my early teen years constantly listening to Taylor on my i-pod! 

J- Jealous of someone's style?
I'm constantly swooning over Olivia Palermo's style, she hardly ever struggles to impress whether it's a casual outfit with some jeans, or a maxi dress on the red carpet!

K- Kids?
Sorry I stole this from you Becca but no I don't haha, I'm only 13! I've got a baby, when I say baby I mean 9 year old brother who actually contributes a lot to this blog since he's my photographer! And I love babies and toddlers, I have a 3 year old neighbour and he's just the cutest thing you've ever seen!

L- Love?
I know this is a bit personal, but as a celebrity, I'm in love with Josh Hutcherson. He plays Peeta in the hunger games and I can't explain how flawless he is! He's also in Bridge to terabithia, so if you want to I'd recommend you'd go see that! But it's really depressing, so it's not really family friendly.

M-Middle Name?
My middle name is Heledd supposedly named after a police woman my mum worked with. Her and my 
mum lost contact until ages later a lost dog came and stayed with us, and we named him scooby! But sadly his owner came to pick him up, and it was HELEDD! I thought that was a really weird coincidence. It's a welsh name if you don't know, and it's also a name of a welsh princess, get me eh?

N-Nature Lover?
I'd love to have a choice, but I don't really because I'm in the middle of it all!! I literally live in the middle of nowhere, and my closest shopping area is half an hour away! It's a pain, but I'm very fortunate to be living in this sort of area and I'm very grateful for it.

I'm in love with oreos, they've got to be the greatest snack to come out of America, EVER.

My peeves are very anti friendly, so I'm sorry in advance. I hate people who always think they are better than you, and think they can pick people up and drop them anywhere anytime! I also don't  like people who show off and hurt others to get attention, it's not nice, and I'm sure everyone knows the result of words. Someone in my school was called fat last year, and she decided to skip meals, and then it just got ugly. So my message to bullies are words can hurt more than a punch in the face , and there is something called 'karma' and it will effect you. Sorry for that mini rant, it just makes me mad just thinking about what they made her go through, we weren't particularly close, but no one would wish that on ANYONE.

Q-Quality or Quantity?
Always Quality. When you're reading a blog post, you can always see if that person is running out if idea or blogging too much, because their language and quality of the work just goes downhill.

R-Right or Left Handed?

S-Special things come in every shape & size...
I always find that it's always the thought that counts when I receive anything whether it's a comment, email or a Christmas present. It's definitely the smaller things in life that make people a lot happier, and in my case, I try to be thankful whenever I can. Yes I know I'm not perfect, and we have had that occasional day where we're lazy and we don't appreciate the work that's done around us including our parents, but we should, because nothing last forever, and you've got to take advantage of it whilst it's there.

T-Target this year? 
My target this year is to finish reading the final book from my favorite series of all time, THE HUNGER GAMES.

U- Unusual fact?
When I was little, I once had a conversation for about 10 minutes with my mum whilst I was sleep talking, and my dad had to tell mum I wasn't awake.

V- Vacations I want to go on? 
NEW YORK, venice, tenerife, scotland, America basically, and canada!!

W- What Chocolate is my favorite?
I kind of cheated there, but I love kit kats, SOOOO YUMMY, mmmmmm

X-rays I've had?
NONE, (touch wood) I'm to cautious to break a bone :L. I'm not a very good risk taker.

Y-youth club activities I go to?
I love skiing, Zumba, and Hockey!

Z- Zoo Animals? 
Panda's, always pandas.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy this cat because this post needed a picture to lighten the mood ;)x


oh yeah, extra fact, I'M ALLERGIC TO CATS.