Sunday, 4 November 2012

Interview: India Robyn, Lip Balm Enthusiast!

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I'm back, and with another interview. I recently contacted India from asking about her gorgeous handmade lip balms. India was also kind enough to agree to answer some questions I'd thought of for you guys to see a bit more into her shop, and where she came up with the idea. I love doing these posts to help people who are thinking of setting up an online, and independent blog shop or just a shop that might involve making your own products, I've already done another interview with a jewellery shop called 'So Kitsch' so if you want to check that out too here

The Jewel Beauty

So here are the questions and some of her products ranging from £2-£6!!

Give us a brief description of your blog, named after your middle name 'jewel' as well?

My blog is a friendly place filled with beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts. I love sharing my thoughts on beauty, as well as hearing other people's opinions too. 

When did you set up your business

I started my business in December 2011 with the aim of creating something beautiful and unique.

Where did you get the inspiration for starting up a business ?

My main inspiration for business comes from my dad, but I wanted to do something that was unique and involved my love for beauty. I originally started a jewellery business, but realised that I had to follow beauty, as that was my real inspiration.

What makes your products different to others ?

I wanted to create something that was personal to me, but also universal to others. The name jewel is actually my middle name, but people know jewels as being precious, and that is why I wanted to create something special. I use the finest ingredients, as well as customising each lip balm pot with a Swarovski crystal to represent the Jewel brand.

What is your favorite lip balm from your shop?

It has to be my honey Bea balm. I named it after my baby niece who is called honey Beatrice, I like to look for inspiration and try and put it into my products. Honey bea balm also got my business noticed by large companies, and I feel that it's such a gorgeous little lip balm which started my business off.

Image of Jewel "Majestic Mango" Balm

What advice would you give to a person who wants to start up a business?

The most important thing is to find something that you can really be passionate about. Sometimes you have to try a few things to make you realise what you really want to create, but just stay determined and you will find what you love. If you really love what you are doing then its highly likely that others will love it as well.

Thanks for reading, and make sure that you check out India's blog ( ) and shop x

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