Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kristen Stewart Wardrobe Malfunction: A step too far?..

Hi Everyone!
I'm here today because I wanted to tell you my thoughts on Kristen Stewart's outfit for the premiere of the final twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2...

Where do I start? 
First of all I'm sure if you followed the twilight stars over the past 4/5 years, you'll probably know that Kristen (god love her) is a bit hit & miss, including her fashion sense. I made a post about her debating whether she was a fashion no-no or a fashion go-go, I think I said that she has her good and bad days, but this day in my opinion, was a train wreck. She's known to not to be afraid to show a bit of skin, and this is clear with this see through lace jumpsuit. To be fair, the dress does cover everything that needs to be covered, but not necessarily well. 

The top half of this jumpsuit starts of quite plain, and it would've worked great as a dress, but as you go down you see that she's covered her boobs with flowers on either side, this in my opinion looked tacky. As you go further down you get to see a completely different side to the outfit, and not in a good way. It looks as if there is some sort of hard case around the legs, like she's wearing some lads boxers, and then the bottom doesn't match at all, the trouser part is too long, and it's a shame because I saw a picture of her shoes, and they were lovely pointed high-heels, but she might've just worn nothing on her feet and you wouldn't see a difference.

It looks a bit too corpse bride/ vampires wife like to me, like she's dressing up for a halloween party, the moment has passed love.

The back is alright, showing some skin at the back is sexy, but too much can look a bit 'tarty', but she didn't show too much, which was alright.

But the flames/wings just didn't go and didn't make sense.

My Rating: I give this 3/10. I know this is harsh, but the outfit was overall disappointing for the premiere of the conclusion to the twilight saga.
Thanks for reading, and feel free to tell me your opinion on Kristen's outfit, or the ending to the twilight series!x


  1. I looked at this outfit first and thought it was amazing, but now looking it at it properly, it certainly exerts an element of tackiness! The lace is beautiful though, it's just ruined by the bottom part!


    1. I know!! Yes, the back and bottom does ruin it completely:-(

  2. I agree - I often like her somewhat unusual style choices but was not a big fan of this at all!

    1. I know, it's a bit too showy and tacky for me:L

  3. love it! found ur blog through the twitter bbloggers chat and i loveee it! xx

  4. shared blogger love with a follow, hope you'll do the same :)