Wednesday, 26 December 2012

12 days of Blogmas #2: Mia's Nail Wraps!

Hello Everyone!
So I asked all of my favorite bloggers to come and guest post as a part of a blogging 'scheme' I'm doing which is starting today, which will be boxing day, and finish on the 6th (I think). It will be called 12 days of blogmas, and it's just a chance for bloggers I love to have a little spot on my blog everyday for 12 days as well as my posts as well, but that means that I get to show you bloggers that I love and for you to discover some you love as well, they cover all sorts, and they are seriously fab!

So on to my first guest blogger who is Mia from TeenageBeautyBlogger...

Hi Beauties!
I hope you had a great Christmas! The lovely Anna is allowing me to guest post on her blog. So I am very excited as her blog is so lovely. 

I thought I would do a post on some lovely nail wraps I tried yesterday. The nail wraps are from Superdrug, I got them as a birthday present, But I believe they were £5.99. Mine were in 'Leopard'.

I loved them, you have to apply a bit of heat from a hairdryer to activate the glue on the wrap. They are shiny and look really nice on my nails I really like them. It is the first time I've ever tried nail wraps and I have only obviously tried this brand, but now I am very eager to try some new brands. 

It takes a bit of time to apply them, but you want to see what they were like after a shower, so I have had a shower, and they are still on my nails, but I think they don't like water much, as on some corners they have started to peel and I have had to smooth them back down.

I would still recommend this product as it makes your nails look amazing!

Mia xoxo

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