Sunday, 2 December 2012

Blogmas #2: Getting Crafty!

Hello Everyone!
I hope your Sunday is going well? I thought I'd show you a cute and quick homemade gift you can make for your friends, or as a little extra on your table for you loved ones! These inexpensive pretties are really simple, and take little time to make! 

You will need;

*A little box of sweets, like these celebrations I picked up for a £1 at tesco
*Some ribbon (preferably nothing fiddly and easy to cut, otherwise you'll be there forever trying to tie a knot!!
*Some make your own boxes, I got mine from ebay, but you can find them in hobby craft, and any other local craft shops!
*Some firm hands to tie knots, etc.

All you need to do is follow the outline of the box, and put it all together, then depending on the size of the box you can pop sweets, or cheap little toys in there! I could fit 2 little sweets in mine so my boxes were very small! Then if they have handles you can decorate them with ribbons like I did, and also you could use some stickers or little things you've got in your craft box like I did with this heart tag, I thought it looked festive!

And there you go, the finishing look!

I decorated the two differently and included little notes inside! I chose the flower patter for my mum's friend, and the other one for my mum! I think anyone will love it and they are just a fun and decorative present that is good if you are short this christmas, or if you want to just treat them with a christmas eve chocolate dose

Thanks for reading, and if you decide to do these, tweet me!!x

P.S I'll be doing a lot more crafty posts, but if you'd like me to do something festive in particular, like a recipe for mince pie or something, feel free to let me know!

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