Saturday, 8 December 2012

Blogmas #4: My Favorite Christmas Scents!

Hi Guys!
Today I thought I would show you some of the scented candles I've been lusting after this season. I think you'll all agree that us bloggers have some weird obsession with scented candles and spend about £30 on the perfect Christmas season one! I've obviously included some brand favorites like Yankee Candles, But I've also included a cheeky bargain candle that has so many different scents to choose from this winter.

I love yankee candles, I always find myself wandering into the outlets wherever I am and I wanted to buy one for my mum this christmas to surprise her, but I'd blown my budget on something else for her!

The two I've chosen are completely different to each other, one is a very sweet light scent, and the other is a strong but rich sent. The names are 'Sugared Apple' and 'Apple & Pine Needle' and they are both about £15 each full priced,

Yankee Candles are infamous for having natural ingredients, and the worse thing you could have on a cold night with the fire burning is a room filled with artificial scents, and I know this because it comes from experience of buying a candle from home sense.

My favorite from these has got to be the apple and pine one. I always love that scent you get from the christmas tree and if you've got an artificial tree, it's perfect to make your living room feel that bit more christmassy

So this brand is called Busy Bee candles, who are based in my home country which is Wales, and they aren't that far away from me.

I love supporting local brands, and I think even if these aren't local to you, they are so gorgeous and they also have natural ingredients (I believe), so it's a perfect cheap alternative to yankee candles if you don't want to spend over £10 on a candle.

The ones I have chosen for you are from left to right Strawberry Crush, Holly Berry, and Mistletoe.

The good thing about this brands is that they have so many different sizes to choose from, and from £1.25 you can't go wrong! Here's just some of the sizes you can choose from and their prices.

WAX TART = £1.25


I actually think that prices for neom candles are very out of my price range, but they are a perfect luxury christmas present for your mum or grandma. They are also very large and I've been told that they last for up to 6 months or something, which is amazing!

Neom Candle are about £30-£40 full price.

Thanks for reading, and what are your favorite christmas scents?


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