Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blogmas #5: My First Package From My American Pen Pal (Prepare for lots of teenage screaming and Omg's)

Hi Guys!
So yesterday I got my first package ever from America! I was so excited that I thought I'd show you me opening it for the first time. 

I love these sort of videos because you get to see people's genuine expression when they open presents or packages, it's my favorite thing about having a penpal!

All the links for Jess are in the description of the video, and I'd just like to say thank you so much to her, I've been obsessive over America because I'm really soppy and love the rom coms and the films! Also almost all of my family have been there once in their lives, so I'm a teeny bit envious of them.

Thanks for watching, and I hope you all can find a friend like Jess one day !x

Thanks for reading Guys xx

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  1. aww glad you liked it! i have lots of american friends, my best friend lives in america and i've knwon her for 5 years now and she came to visit me this summer :)