Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Favorite Blogs Of 2012: An awards ceremony kind of?

Hello Everyone!
I thought I'd show you my favorite blogs of this year, in a kind of awards sort of way, there will be 2 categories, (Fashion, and Beauty) and it will be sort of 1st, and 2nd, type thing. I've read and subscribed to so many blogs this past year and I must say I love all of you and keep up the good work! But a lot of these are blogs that I have been glued to and seriously cannot stop reading, I'm hooked to all of these amazing blogs! 

No they don't get an award, but I just think they should have a little recognition for being great bloggers, and role models for me personally and giving me inspiration! So without further ado I give you the winners...

My favorite Beauty Bloggers (Drum roll purleaseee)

#1: My favorite beauty blog was so hard, because I follow so many, so I've decided to do a #1,#2, and #3 instead of just 2 winners! So first is Lola! I've spoke about her so much and I seriously am in love with her blog, she's so cool and really nice! I chose her because she was one of the first blogs I followed, and I get so much tips about beauty from her! 

Here is a little screenshot of her banner too, so if you fancy taking a look, please do!

Lola and Behold

Ok on to number #2...

This goes to the lovely Danielle from Danielleyc! I've been following her blog for a while now, and I enjoy her outfit posts and beauty posts, but I enjoy her beauty posts more because she always tends to choose things I've thought of buying, or would buy if I was convinced! And that definitely has worked wonders for my beauty collection, and now I'm saving up to buy some products she's recently featured!

danielleyc | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

And #3 goes to...

Essie from Essie Button! I have loved her blog since I discovered it after I looked at her beauty videos and fell in love with them too might I add. She has introduced me to so much brands I would never have noticed without her blogging about them! She also loves everything I love, and there is never any spam on her blog, so it's a pleasure to read it!


& Finally the fashion...

I also have a lot of fashion blogs that I want to show but I obviously can only show 2..

So the first is Style & Starbucks! I've just found this blog but it's the best fashion blog I've ever seen! I love it and think it's so cool because of her style, and also that she takes her OOTD in the dark. I absolutely love it and think she deserves more followers...

Style & Starbucks | Fashion, Lifestyle & occasionally Beauty Blog.

and my last award goes to a blog that has an online store which I love and buy things from regularly called temporary secretary! I discovered her outfit blog through her shop that sells quirky & cute jewellery that makes me drool... So congrats to her because she's lovely, and so pretty!

Temporary:Secretary - UK Fashion and Style Blog

So I hoped you enjoyed this post, and I'll be back tomorrow to show you a fragrance wars! Have fun till then and stay safe x

P.S Here are some lovely blogs that didn't make the cut, but I still love them and think you should DEFINITELY check them out!

Thanks for reading guys x


  1. I love all of these blogs too! Thanks for the mention also! <3


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