Friday, 25 January 2013

Anna Kendrick: Best & Worst Outfits

Hi Everyone!
I hope you're all having a lovely snowy Sunday! I've recently become infatuated with a new up and coming style icon, which is Anna Kendrick. Anna is mostly known for her role in the Twilight movies, but has recently resurfaced in roles such as Rosie in 'What to expect when you're expecting', and Beca in 'Pitch Perfect'.

When I looked into her 'style' I realised it was very scattered and unique, but everyone has their best and worst outfits don't they? I thought I'd show you my personal faves, and some I thought were just complete disasters.

(Sorry if some pictures aren't the best quality, all are from google)

This was her outfit for 2010/11 Glamour Women of the year award I think. 

Anna is a fan of nudes, but never plays it safe when it comes to fashion. I love the neck line of this dress because I think you don't need a cleavage to look sexy, and it suits her well. The dress is a love/hate sort of outfit, since it doesn't compliment at all angles, but I am in love with the shoes and think the lemon color goes perfectly with the dress.

This was for the premier of 'what to expect when you're expecting' where Anna played a twenty something rebel, who works in a burger truck part time. She finally gets laid by her high school flame and gets knocked up with his child, but unfortunately looses it after about 3 months:( 

I think this is a gorgeous nude dress, which is gorgeously complimented by studs and a bit of bling!

Another gorgeous nude dress of hers is this one from the twilight eclipse premier. 

This reminds me of the sea because of the shapes, but my overall fave of her nude dresses is definitely the one above.

I think this would be a perfect wedding dress!

It compliments her frame amazingly, and has a beautiful train flowing behind her. I also love the little 'petal' detail at the bottom of the dress. I'm surprised she didn't keep it for her wedding to be honest.

Gorgeous metallic pink dress worn for the paranorman premier.

I love this dress because she's kept it sweet and almost 'retro' for this look, and not gone overboard with her accessories .

But oh Anna, where did we go wrong? 

This is from early on in her career, but I honestly can't tell you if this is meant to be a dress or? It's all over the place and makes her look very frumpy and flat chested (which she isn't). I'm disappointed because it's just not her and you wouldn't wish a fashion failure like that on ANYONE.

This is also early on in her career, everybody knows blue is a difficult color to match with, but it doesn't make it much better that it's studded, short, and leopard print. It looks like sometihng cat would wear on eastenders.

But on the bright side I love her shoes, just not with that dress.

Thanks for reading, and do you like these posts? do you agree with me? who's style is your favorite at the moment?


  1. She is so beautiful, I love the pink metallic dress! It's her wit and sarcasm that has me falling in love with her most, she is so good in interviews.

    1. I know! She is such an idol to me:)