Thursday, 24 January 2013

Birdy Beeds Bracelet Review!

Hi Everyone!
How are you all doing this evening? Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm not going to lie to you all. I've had so many ideas being thought up I've forgotten that I haven't posted in a week!

(You might notice my pictures are a lot better today, I used my camera, which is a lumix I think if you're interested!)
On Wednesday I received a package from the lovely Birdy Beeds who make handmade jewellery that is in my eyes unique and so pretty!!

I actually got a bracelet that hasn't even been released yet and as I looked on the site I could tell that people were keen to see the new design, so here it is!

It's got a simple clasp (which is easy for me because I'm terrible at those claw ones) and it's rose gold with baby pink beads, and a little cluster of charms at the end.

It fits my wrist and my mum's, so it's very easy to adjust and looks gorgeous with nudes and darks to perfectly match with this end of winter season trends!

It's a simple but gorgeous bracelet that I'm going to use to stack with my plain pearl bracelets. I also received a business card and a note which I thought was very sweet and is now on my wall of notes from fellow bloggers and PR'S.

The packaging is very cute and I wouldn't doubt I'll be visiting this site again!

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out birdy beeds for gorgeous jewellery perfect for stacking. x


  1. This is really pretty, I'm getting into my bracelets again! Now your newest follower :) x