Friday, 8 February 2013

20 facts about me tag!

Hi Everyone!
Today I thought I might go for something different which is going to be a tag! I don't usually do popular tags, and if I do I do them well after the 'craze' has died down. But today this tag looked a lot of fun and you might learn something about me you might never of known. I love reading these kind of posts because they are really unique to the blogger, and they aren't completely the same if you know where I'm coming from

I'm sorry if these pictures are too beautiful, but what can I say #tease

1. I'm a good listener, but in some classes like maths, I doze off and sort off dream for a bit until my teacher snaps me out of it

2. I'm in year 9, which I think is 10th grade or something in America (basically I'm 13 going on 14)

3. I started my blog back on April 10th 2012, so it's coming up to my first blog birthday!

4. I'm not the kind of girl who pouts in photos, and to be honest I find it quite strange when someone takes a photo of me, so I end up doing face like these above, and not taking myself seriously, which I guess is good?

5. I'm quite possibly the shortest person in the world in my eyes, and get embarassed because I can't reach things sometimes

6. I have acne all over my front, back, and a little on my face.

7. I have a serious addiction to nail polish, and have about 60 bottles of the stuff!

8. I want to travel when I'm older

9. If I could live anywhere I'd choose either the south of France, or of course New York City!

10. I have a pet rabbit called Lliwen, who is about 3 and a half years old.

11. My family are scattered all over the world, which means I have roots leading back to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, America, Germany, Swiss, Canadian, and so on...

12. I love languages, and as part of my french studies I'm going to Brittany this year in the summer, and Paris next year in the winter!

13. I dream of being a fashion journalist for company

14. I would love to have the chance to go to a fashion show/ fashion related event this year

15. I love chatting with other young bloggers, they inspire me and I love reading their blogs seeing what they think about trends

16. I love music. I've been studying Grade 3 Piano this year, Grade 2 theory, and Grade 3 singing for this year

17. My favorite bands are take that and coldplay

18. My dream holiday is a beach holiday in the caribbean or something like that

19. I've never been to Nando's

20. I have an annoying brother, who looks like this...

I swear he comes from Mars or something.

Thanks for reading, do you like tag posts?x


  1. Lovely post! I also love the South of France, I've been so many times and want to live there so badly!

    I've done this post over on my blog, would love for you to have a read?


    1. Is it weird I've never been? It just looks lovely x

  2. Guess what?! I've never been to Nandos either! Haha i swear everyone on earth (and their cat) has been and thought I was the only one that hasnt tried the peri peri chicken yet :-)xx

  3. Sorry, me commenting again! No, I promise - I'm not a stalker..ahah! But it's nice to know that I have something in common, and I love these types of posts, although that maybe because I'm quite nosy!

    Ditto, I'm doing my Grade 3 Piano this term, what pieces are you doing? I love languages, I'm doing French A Level, which is helpful because I also love travelling. I want to take a gap year to Brazil! It would be AMAZING, in my opinion.

    Also, I feel for you because I have an annoying brother too! Plus I am really short, about 5 foot and my brother is now taller than me, he's your age - 13 but the year below you.

    ~Hannah xx

  4. I take language studies at school as well but I take German and I am in yr 10. I also have a younger brother who I still believe is an alien and quite possibly also from Mars!

    - Ellen