Sunday, 24 February 2013

Caramel Apple Sugar Babies!

Why hello beautiful people! I hope you brits have had a lovely half term, since I'm going back to school I am not a happy bunny at all, anyway enough about my depressing end of holiday blues.

I recently joined Cyber Candy Blogger Family and they sent me a sampler of one of their new products that had just recently been put on the website, and I was so excited to try these out because I'd heard a lot of mixed reviews on them and wanted a try!

Cyber candy is an online shop that stocks everything confectionery from all corners of the world, for cheap prices, and you can be on there for hours and not notice your basket is stacking up!

Since discovering how sweet and odd American sweets were I was desperate to try out products from them, they have a massive selection of all things confectionery, and even sell american drinks like kool aid, and hawaiian punch!

So Basically, Caramel sugar babies are a bit like revels or cadbury's eclairs, with layers in taste when you bite in, but in my opinion they weren't as sickly and they were like nothing I'd ever tasted. It starts with an apple flavored shell, and then you bite in and it's caramel, then chocolate, it's seriously weird and leaves your taste buds confused.

But, I really enjoyed them, and so did my family. They are something that you can eat over and over, since they don't fill you up, and they are a perfect treat for a night in! I'd really recommend them to anyone who likes normal flavors, that you would never put together, and for some weird reason, they work? 

So all in all, I would definitely buy them again! They are perfect for someone who doesn't want a heavy treat like chocolate, and you can have them again and again and never get tired of the taste!

I really hope you enjoyed this review on the weird and wonderful caramel apple sugar babies, and let me know if you've ever tried any bizarre combinations of flavors that you either loved, or hated!

Thanks for reading x


  1. I joined the Cyber Candy family recently too and glad to read your review.
    I've got a heck of a sweet tooth and these sound like something I'd absolutely love! I love zesty apple flavours and the strange combination sounds like it could be awesome.

    1. they are so weird and wonderful! Love it:)

  2. Replies
    1. they are great, you will love them!:)