Friday, 22 February 2013

Jennifer Lawrence and Miss Dior!

Hello Everyone!
As you might now I am a massive Jennifer Lawrence fan, and when I heard that she was the new front of their 'mini' company inside a company Miss Dior, I went all over the internet to collect pictures. The actual advertisements will be released worldwide in magazines in April, in time for the Hunger Games catching fire teaser trailer! I'm so excited and can't wait to see this, so I thought I would show you the sneak peak pictures of the collection, and my opinion on how they've made her look and so on. 

All courtesy of the telegraph UK website

So this image has got to be my favorite of Jennifer so far in her career. With a lot of her photoshoots, they have portrayed her as fake, and making her real personality plain and 'pretty'. This however, is so beautiful and natural, showing her true beauty, and not making her look like a piece of meat being photographed.

Before Jennifer was picked up by Dior, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis fronted the brand. Although they are both gorgeous women, I didn't think they were the right people for the brand. I felt like they had been victims of the hollywood 'body', having big boobs and long legs. Dior made the adverts appeal to men instead of women, making them look sexy, not natural.

This is my least favorite teaser picture unfortunately because I think they are making her look ugly by the way she is standing. I know it sounds odd, but honestly if you positioned someone like Megan Fox in the wrong pose, she would look un natural, and like she didn't agree with the camera.

This makes Jen look like she's looking down at people, which is not a good look for her.

My favorite pictures were the black and white ones because they made her look flawless, and normal I suppose, but they could of toned down with the airbrushing, because her fans know that she's not 'skinny' and we are proud of her for that, she has cute chubby cheeks, not this perfect jaw line, and we love her for that. She has always said that she wants to eat when she wants to eat, so everyone should look up to her, because she loves her flaws and doesn't want to change for any job. 

So to complete this post, I am in love with her new campaign and think it's finally showing her true colors. I think the campaign will be very successful, because it's giving a message to younger girls and women that you don't have to be skinny with fab legs to be gorgeous. I hope this photoshoot is something that Jennifer Lawrence is proud of, because she should be, and I'm proud of her.

Thanks for reading, and what do you think of her new collection? Do you love it or hate it?x


  1. She looks stunning here - but can tell has been photoshopped!

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    Thanks! Charlie xx

  2. I am a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence too (and The Hunger Games - one YA novel Hollywood haven't mucked up!). But I didn't know that she was fronting Dior, she really deserves it though. I think she is so gorgeous.

    I agree with you though, I'm not a fan of some of these photos. I don't like the photos of her with her chin up, I don't think it's a flattering angle on her! But I do like the first black and white photo! However, I HATE Photoshopped photos, at first I didn't really notice it but maybe that's because there are so many adverts and photos out there (although I always laugh at the photoshopped mascara ads, ahem Maybelline). But now you mention it, that sucks! I think that her chubby cheeks are cute and one of her more distinctive features, which is a good thing!

    ~Hannah xx

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