Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Batiste Dry Shampoo Review!

Why Helloooooo!
today I'm going to be reviewing the new batiste dry shampoo in the scent cherry. I actually won it on twitter courtesy of my best twitter friend saz nominating me! I'd previously help her gain the courage to post an OOTD on her blog, and she looked fabulous, so could you all do me a favor and leave a little message on this link saying how amazing she is, because she deserves it!

So as you can see my collection is quite big, and I know I don't need them, but I just keep buying them! My favorite brand has got to be batiste, because I can always rely on them for my hair to look at least half decent for school if I haven't had time for a shower in the morning.

(left to right) Batiste light & blonde, Batiste Cherry, Superdrug 'floating on a breeze', and Superdrug 'away with the fairies'.

this worked like any other batiste really, I don't really have a special technique because all i do is flip my hair back and spray about 4 straight (ish) lines in my hair, flip it back and then spray one on my roots.

I was surprised of the scent since I thought it would of been a little more strong I guess, but it was quite a mild scent, and I didn't notice it personally. 

If I would have to give this a rating I'd give it a 4 maybe 3 out of 5. It didn't really wow me in anyway, and in some ways I thought it didn't work as well as the other batiste formulas.

Would I re-purchase? yes I suppose I would, even though it's not my favorite, it still works far better than any other brands I've tried and I trust batiste with my hair's life!

Thanks for reading, and if you have tried the new batiste cherry, what do you think?:)x


  1. I have the wild one. I found the scent was too strong. I do love how great it works though. Maybe I'll try this one next

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