Wednesday, 27 March 2013

ASOS Stylist Chat: The New Way Of Shopping?

Hi Everyone!
I went on ASOS a couple days ago because I just needed (when I say needed) some new clothes, and because asos fits everyone's style and is inexpensive I thought why not go there? But to my surprise, a little grey box like a facebook chat on the right hand side of the screen, it said 'stylist chat' on it. I'd never seen this before, and thought it was a scam, but when I asked asos about it they said it was a trial type 'widget'. Confused yet?

So the first thing you had to do was enter your name, and email address, then the asos site connected you to an actual stylist, not just an automatic one you sometimes get. Mine was called 'ASOS GG' so if you find her on the chat, let her know I sent you! She asked my size ans what I was looking for, and then she searched through the asos archives to see what would suit my style best. The great thing about it was that she came out with about 9 choices each, so I had plenty of choice! I think it helped that I was quite specific with what I wanted. The woman was absolutely lovely, and since I'd never had a 'stylist' before I quite enjoyed it! It was so weird, but I'd recommend it to people like me who know what they want, but can't necessarily find it themselves if that makes any sense at all. I thought I'd tell you what I asked for, then show you what she came out with was my best pick.

Asked for: 'T-shirt that I can wear under a pinafore dress (black), that has to be quite baggy with bright colors. What the stylist found...

She originally gave this to me in blue, however I thought mint was better for summer and would just go a lot better with Black. Since I'll be wearing this on holiday, I thought it would be great since it's very light-weight, and you can always put a jumper over it if you're going somewhere breezy, but since I'm going to Budapest, I think it will be fine with just this on and maybe a vest underneath since I don't know how sheer it will be.
This in my opinion was also perfect for summer, since the fluorescent colors would really go with shorts and a fedora. The only problem I had with it was it might be hard to pair with clothes, since it's a very clashy color.

Asked for: Shoes that would be comfortable to go sightseeing in, but also fashionable. What the stylist found...

I actually looked at these and immediately fell in love. When I showed these to people they weren't that amazed by them, and thought they were quite 'clunky and unflattering' but if you check out the catwalk video for them, you can see why I chose them. They look like you are walking on pillows, and since I get sore feet easily when walking, these will be perfect. I also love them because they remind me of the type of shoes the Olsen twins used to wear in 'two of a kind' I love nineties shows.

Since I have some formal parties and christenings to go to, I thought I might as well buy a new dress! Now I was going to go for white, since you can't go wrong with it. But the stylist said that Coral was the new color for weddings and parties, I wasn't too sure about it, but said yes anyway to see what she came up with, and then she stunned me with these two beautiful bargains!

Club L Floral Flocked Dress with Belt - £25
This dress is every girls dream. It's bouncy, flattering, but doesn't show any 'indecent body parts' too much for thirteen year old girl shall we say? I mean I'm not the tallest or, or the most 'developed' so this dress is perfect for me! It's the perfect length for me, since I'm not the type of person who likes skirts anyway, but it would also look really nice with tights and a shawl maybe for the winter.
TFNC Skater Dress With Mesh Neckline - £36
Now, I've recently had a change of heart for this one since actually taking the time to look at the length and 'extras' of it. I think it's a bit too old for me and not really suitable for a wedding or a christening, it's also quite flimsy, so I'm not sure if it will be the kind of dress that flares up in the wind and I have to keep pulling it down. But it's still a lovely dress, I just don't think it's meant for me sadly:(.

So overall I really enjoyed the experience, and rated it 'good' instead of the rude bad. I'd recommend it to everyone I know, and if it starts to be a permanent thing to the site, I will definitely be using it and hopefully get 'GG' again. The staff are very friendly, and most of the time find exactly what you are looking for!

Thanks for reading, have you tried the ASOS stylist chat before? Let me know in the comments!x

P.S Sorry to bother you all, but you still have time to enter me in the company style blogger awards 'under 18's best teen blog' until April 10th (My 1 year blog birthday) So make sure to vote HERE using my blog URL, thankyou for all your support x


  1. Super cute picks! My favorite is the Club L Floral Flocked Dress with Belt! Maybe I should get my graduation dress at Asos :) xx

    1. Yes! They have perfect dresses, when is your graduation?:)

  2. Haven't seen this widget look, will take a look! Absolutely love the coral floral dress xx

  3. Yes, I also agree with you, Its really The New Way Of Shopping.... Thanks for advance.

  4. Do you know if the Asos Stylist Chat only work on Mac computers cause it doesnt pop up on my computer (not mac)?