Sunday, 3 March 2013

Diner food and Shopping with the BFF...

Hi Everyone!
I've had a very busy week after a late essay (oops) and tones of homework but I'm back with something a little different. Now I'm a sucker for an occasional lifestyle blogger but I've never really been bothered about doing posts like this myself. But in the past week or so I suddenly stopped and thought, 'do you people really know my hobbies, and what I get up to on the weekends?' I mean I don't have a roller coaster life, and I spent most weekends in my onesie watching friends on the loop, but I like telling stories about my adventures and thought what better way to do it than on my little corner of the web?

So Anyway, on Saturday me and my friend Nia took a trip down to our local shopping mall, retail park (whatever you want to call it) and we had a great time! I'm not one for doing things outside of school with people, because I generally panic about what we're going to talk about, but with Nia I was fine! I'm sorry I don't have tones of pictures to show you, because honestly I was having to good a time to take photos! The first shop we went to was lindt, and there was a deal on where you filled a bag with any flavor chocolates you wanted, and if you bought 200g (which isn't as much as you think) you'd get 20% off! So Nia ended up buying a big bag and we spent the day taking 10 minute break wherever there was a bench, and just eating these chocolates on the go!

We didn't really spend that much to be honest, and we just spent the whole day walking around and into posh shops where stuck up shop assistants would just follow you around and when you turned round just acted like they never meant to walk the same way as you. I made the stupid mistake of walking past burberry taking the mic out of one of the shop assistants, and they actually caught my eye and did an awful cold stare into my eyes! I was gambling whether to get a ralph lauren polo, and in the end I just decided it just wasn't worth paying that amount of money on a t-shirt I could get half the price in debenhams or somewhere like that without the label. After that, we went to gap and I bought some gorgeous flowery shorts that are perfect for spring!

We then went to Ed's Diner where Nia and I shared a mint chocolate shake which was gorgeous, and I had a original burger with grilled onions and fries. But for some reason they toasted my bun? Wasn't really pleased they toasted it, but it tasted just the same I suppose! I'd really recommend an Ed's diner for everyone, because they are very family friendly, and the decorations are brilliant! The staff are great, and they play 60's and 70's music on the loop, but not so loud that it interrupts you talking to your friends, which from experience, is the worst thing ever! I also hate dark restaurants because I know it sounds weird but I like to see my food? Anyway I just had a great day and wanted to share it with you guys!

thanks for reading, and please let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this one!x

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  1. Loved this post! Some life posts are also good with a fashion/beauty blog I think <3 I just found your blog there now through hollies blog and I love it! And yeah I spend more of my weekends in my pjs watching TV than out and about!
    I'm gonna follow x