Sunday, 28 April 2013

Anna's gone totes proffesh...

Why Hello all you beautiful people!
I was missing you all so much, I decided to squeeze in a little review today. Recently I was chosen as a finalist for the company style blogger awards (thankyou by the way) and I thought since I'd probably be doing a lot of networking and meeting some of my idols, I might as well be thinking about getting business cards or something that promoted my blog in a very fancy, nice to look at kind of way. So I found out that moo do a sampler pack that you can use to test out the company, and see if you're happy before paying for the real deal. I'll try and find the link and put it here, but if not I'm sure it will be easy for someone else to find! But anyway, you can get 10 free cards in the sampler pack, so I thought, why not? 

Sorry in advance for my terrible pictures, we haven't been getting a lot of sun recently, so it's really hard to find a place in the house where I can get good, clear pictures. When I was on the site, I went for the make your own style which was free since I was trying the sampler pack which has no additional cost for postage either. Although it said to me that my pictures might turn out fuzzy since they weren't the correct size, I thought I would take a gamble, and they turned out as you can see below.

I ordered them on the 23rd of April, and they said since business cards were in such high demand at the moment, that they would take roughly about 2-3 weeks to make (so they were supposed to come after 1st May) but five days later, and they had came! I was so happy with the quality of the service, they were printed really well and the matte coat gave it a nice feel to it, if you know what I mean?

I had enough space to put my details, my name, and my slogan, so if you've got a lot to say, I recommend that you choose the business cards, since you can also put an image on the back if you fancy. But, they also have a new collection called 'mini cards', I think they are roughly the same price, but you just have enough space to put your name, and url. They are both perfect sizes to take to blogger meets and events, so I think I'll be stocking up on these for a while before the awards.

If you think I deserve to win the awards, please click on this this this link to go to the voting website, go onto tab 8, and vote for '', it will also be on my pages as a link, and you can vote as much as you want! Thankyou for your support, I love all your beautiful faces. x


  1. Ahh these are so cute! I've been considering getting business cards for a while but wasn't sure where was best to get them from, but this sounds fab, great post :) xx