Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ditch the jumpers, Flaunt the Floral!

Hello Everyone!
So as we are getting a little bit more sun, us brits are beginning to get rid of our oversized comfy jumpers, for something a bit more flirty, and summer time like. One of the recurring spring trends I have always seemed to love is of course floral. I thought I would write a post all about my two favorite high street shops, and how they style the pattern we want. Floral is a massive category, so any pattern that is close to a flower, gets put under it in my books! 

All images are courtesy of asos, I do not own any of them.

So of course we have to talk about ASOS, by far my favorite shop of all time, it some how or another ends up on this website. Asos are infamous for keeping up with the latest trends, and starting new ones, so I thought it would be great to see how they've revamped their floral collection for S/S13.

I love all the bright colors in this one. When I look at this it's a bit more of a paint splatter than a floral, but I still think it's perfect for spring! I would definitely pair it with some acid wash skinnies, and some gladiator sandals. Or if it's part of a casual evening look, how about swapping the sandals for some stilettos, crazy, I think not!

This is the type of floral you would usually see on an evening dress. Even though it uses dark colors, I can just picture someone on holiday, on their balcony, all made up and drinking wine, taking in the summer air. It's a lot more low-cut and 'flimsier' than the others, but I think with the right 'boobage' you could definitely pull this off. I say this because it doesn't really compliment a more flatter chest as much as it would with a bit of cleavage going on. 

I adore this skirt so much. With a not so 'pricy' price tag, this skirt will definitely be an eye turner for looking a bit more 'expensive' by using dark colors to compliment the vintage floral print. This could be worn with a white blouse with a scalloped colar, or maybe with a vest, to tone it down a bit and give it a more summery vibe?

Since seeing the classic kenzo trousers, I have fallen in love with printed trousers, I think they look amazing if you turn it into a suit with an edge, or if it's for a fancy meal. I would probably just go classic and pair this with ballet flats, a pastel blouse, and a blazer.

All photos are courtesy of TOPSHOP, I do not own any of the photos used in this post.

Topshop is obviously one of the best shops out there on the high street that offer good quality clothes that last forever, but sometimes I do think it can get a bit samey and tacky. I really hated the 'nerd' and 'geek' tops because everyone had them, and that is NOT how fashion is about. Fashion is about expressing yourself through your clothes.

I absolutely love this dress, it is so quirky and I think that this dress is definitely a side of floral that we have never seen before. It's very edgy, and combines to trends everyone is rocking. It's not very shapely, but over a blouse it would look amazing.

Everyone is rushing to get swimsuits for summer at the moment, I don't need one this year as I'm sure my baby pink frilly bikini can last another summer (no it doesn't look like a four year olds bikini.) I'm all for bikinis if they are appropriate for my age group and body shape, but I'm always on the lookout for all in one swimsuits, as I know that they sometimes just seem to compliment your figure a lot more, and a lot of people reading this blog will feel a lot happier and comfier in their own skin if they choose them. I don't think it's a safe option at all because if you want to, you can still look sexy and flaunt your body in these! I think this is simple, but with the flowers it gives it more of a summer vibe, and brightens it up a bit.

As I said before about the ASOS floral trousers, kenzo jeans have been massive at the moment, and if you look the prints up, you can see why.

Floral Lace Burnout Top
Now, every girl has always got to have that simple but classic white shirt in her summer wardrobe to go with everything, and this year I think I've found the perfect one. It would go perfect with thin cardigans, and I can just see it being dressed up with neon jewelry, adding more character to the outfit. A definite top that needs to be your summer staple.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this post has inspired you to go looking for the perfect florals for your summer wardrobe for 2013 x


  1. I love the skirt in your top picture! Great floral choices! :)

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