Friday, 12 April 2013

Happy Birthday 'The Life of a Fashion-Nerd!' (soppy material included)

Hello Everyone!
So I made it, twelve months on and I am still loving writing about my passions. Twelve months ago I sat with my laptop screen open on blogger, having no idea what I was signing on to. I started blogging because School was getting the better of me, I had no one to talk to about my hobbies, so I was forced to keep shut about the things I wanted to say. I got a bit fed up, and wanted some way of releasing my self, I first started a diary, but it wasn't really enough, I wanted to do something different, be unique. I honestly can't tell you how I found this site, but before I knew it, I was posting about three times a day on things I wanted to talk about, skirts, blouses, anything! I wanted an audience that would except me as the shy, but exciting person I wanted to be, so then we managed to find each other, you are my readers and I love you all so much!

You have helped me through the rough patches this last year, and I feel like I know all of you personally. I'd like to just say thankyou to a couple people (no not an oscar speech type thing) first of all I'd like to say an amazing thankyou to my best blogger friend Mia , she's roughly the same age as me, but we have been with each other from practically the beginning! She always seems to make me laugh with our twitter conversations, I feel like if we weren't so far away from each other, me and her would be the best of friends outside of blogging too. My last big one is for the most amazing fabulous big sister from over the pond, the one and only Jess. Now oddly, I don't think I've ever told her this, but I first came across her from when she did a swap with one of my favorite bloggers at the time, and she just seemed so nice I started looking at her videos and blogs and so on (not a stalker), somehow we became quite close and I asked her if she wanted to be my penpal. Since then, she's always been there for me to tell her what's wrong, I've always wanted a big sister to talk to so she is a sister figure to me. I also feel that we have the same interests, so it's never hard for me to talk to her, so Jess if you are reading this, love you big sis! xxx

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, and here's to another year of the life of a fashion-nerd, I would be no where without you all and I hope you understand that, thanks, now you can continue with reading actual posts, not just me choking whilst typing this;)x

Image credit for society 6 :)

P.S my family and friends have also been mega supportive of me, there's so many of you, but I love you cardiffians! x


  1. Anna, you are awesome! congratulations on your first year, and I'm looking forward to reading the next years worth of posts!