Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sophie Dahl teams up with Brora.

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Now, I don't know about you, but I have always found that Sophie Dahl has a very natural beauty. I've been following her career for a couple years now, and I must say she is a fabulous woman! The way she dresses is so out there, but in a way she keeps it simple. I was recently looking at VOGUE online since I'm not a subscriber anymore, and found out that she was back in the fashion business yet again by launching a collection with a Brand 'Brora'. I haven't ever heard of Brora before, but after looking them up I saw that it was a very 'summery' shop, with the kind of clothes you would intend to wear on your holiday, or somewhere with less rain than Wales. 

Does anyone remember when she turned chef for the first time, and had a program? She was so elegant in the kitchen, and I was often caught by my parents watching her cooking show next door. The recipes looked so easy to make, and she was the one chef I admired, who didn't annoy me at the time. I have nothing against tv chefs, but some of them are a bit too in your face for my liking. Anyway my favorite recipe she made was 'peanut butter fudge', me and my mum tried it out and they were seriously amazing, I'll try and find a recipe for you guys soon!

Anyway, back to her collection. I was quite shocked at the price, since yes it's expensive for me and probably most of us teenagers and youngsters right now, but I thought it quite cheap compared to other up market 'expensive looking' shops. I also loved where the photoshoot is shot, I think they are beautiful and definitely want me to buy the clothes.

The collection has a very boho-vintage vibe to it, the kind of colors and patterns you would find on those victorian shows, and in your grandmother's closet. I personally love all the patterns, but it's as if she's added a modern vibe to it, even if it is rolling the sleeves up, or adding an applique pattern onto it.

I love this outfit, it reminds me of the kind of women who throw on their clothes in the old films, but still look fabulous, the kind of people like Marilyn, Audrey, and other women of that era. They might not of dressed exactly like it, but the whole feel of it is just classic.

The high street and others are always trying to bring back past fashion era's, but I always think they over do it, add to much in one place, or just change the shape completely. But I really like this collection because it looks like the designers (Sophie Dahl and her team) haven't tried to hard, but still seem to bring back that nostalgic era that we all wish we could have lived in.

Dahl told VOGUE...
"I imagined it as the-morning-after-the night-before - a woman on an island after a party, walking home with her shoes in her hands," Dahl told us. "Everything around her quite wild and undone, but she's wearing these quintessentially British-feeling colour tones and patterns.''
Which is what I can completely understand, I love this collection and I hope you lovely lot enjoy it too.

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