Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Vintage Peacock Goodies and Interview...

Hello Everyone!
I never realised I had been gone for so long, but so many exciting things have been happening to me! First of all, I'd like to say a massive thankyou to you all, because this little blog right here has made it to the finals of the style blogger awards, which means I will be going to London for the awards. I don't know how many people I can take yet, but I might be going with my best friend, my mum and her mum, so it would be an all girl weekend, let's just say I'm  a bit excited. But anyway enough of all that mushy stuff, today I have a lovely interview and review for you all for a product by Vintage Peacock. Vintage peacock is a lovely little brand which is fairly new, perfect for all you crafty people, and also people who like to keep things in order, whether it's their budget, or giftwrap.

I was sent this gorgeous budget book, since I will be saving up for a lot of things these next few months. It's a notepad sized book held closed by a duck egg blue string, fitting with the whole duck egg blue style of the book. I was attracted to this on the site because it had a simple design, but with everything I needed inside of it...

The book has helpful boxes and pages for you to fill in with everything like Personal Information, Your regular income, and even a little slot to keep all your receipts on what you have you have bought during the last month. I'm hopeless at keeping receipts so this little bit is perfect for me because I know they'll be safe in one place.

I think this would be particularly good for people who have kids or students to keep track of what they are spending, because at those stages of your life (so I've been told) your money's gone in a flash, and it's a good idea to save and keep track just in case you have a rainy day and need an umbrella.

I interviewed the lovely people over at Vintage Peacock to ask them some simple questions about their business, their lives, and some random little quirky questions just to let them have a bit of a think about what kind of person they are, and other little facts about themselves.

1. Why did you decide to set up Vintage Peacock? Give us a brief mini history of your business.
I set up Vintage Peacock in March 2012 because I was a big fan of online shopping as there had just been too many times when I bought something on the high street; only to see it for half the price later online!  I was often disappointed at the quality of some of the packaging I’d receive things in though – from cut up wine boxes to supermarket bags (no joke!) – and just I knew we could do better which is why we take that extra bit of time to make our packages look special and also to make sure that they are well protected so they don’t get damaged in the mail.

2. Why did you choose the name Vintage Peacock for your shop?
Well, our cat @kittypeacock has a very long tail which we've often said makes him look like a peacock the way he is always swishing it around in the air, and all the products we sell are vintage-inspired so we mashed the two together! Plus it’s only fitting that we named our business after our cat seeing as he is the one who’s really in charge after all ;-)

3. What is your moto as a business? Or if you don't have one, what is your favourite quote that you feel sums you and your business up completely. 
“Brown paper packages tied up with strings” – that feeling when you get something pretty in the post that you can’t wait to open… that’s what we aim for, every time.

4. What were you doing before you started up your business?
I worked in advertising, sales and marketing for close to 10 years.

5. Have you seen any trends this year that you have been loving?
Loving the 90s revival, the deco teasers from The Great Gatsby movie and vintage chevron / monochromatic patterns which look like they’re going to dominate this summer!

6. If you could spend the afternoon with 3 famous people (alive or dead) who would they be and why?
Three is difficult because there are so many women who I find inspiring but if I had to only choose three I’d choose Audrey Hepburn for her style, grace and humanitarian efforts. Caitlin Moran because I think it’s really important that we have people like her talking about women’s issues from a real and honest place and Jennifer Lawrence for being a young Hollywood star with brains, integrity, a bit of grit and a lot of wit!

Thanks for reading, a lovely thankyou to Vintage Peacock also for letting me review their product, and I hoped you liked reading about them and their shop!


  1. This is a really cute book - thanks for telling us about this company! :)

  2. This Budget Book is so cute! I wish I had one!

  3. Slightly in love with the budget book
    Kirsty x