Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Beyond Retro Wishlist! (and a little message)

Hi Everyone! So I decided to post early because I'm feeling really down about some things, and blogging and communicating with you lot always makes me feel so so so much better. Do you have those days when everything just gets on top of you, and you feel like you just want to curl up and die in a hole? Well that's been happening to me these couple days. I can't put my finger on it, but I just don't think I'll be happier any second soon, but whenever I write posts and reply to comments or go on twitter, you all make my life that much better. Cheesy start to a post I know, but I just wanted it out in writing for you all:)

So anyway, I've been really interested in the whole pre-owned and vintage vibe ever since looking at blog posts about how to shop at jumbles and charity shops, or hauls where people have bought some amazing stuff I don't think I would ever find by myself. So I decided I would ask around, looking for the best online pre-loved clothes shops, that I knew I could trust. You all pointed in the direction of Ebay, and just searching on google for a start. I eventually found this shop called 'Beyond Retro.'

Beyond retro started off on the web, but has moved on to set up a couple of stores around the UK including Brighton, and London. Beyond Retro are famous for their quirkyness in designing their stores, and they are designed with massive piles of clothes that you genuinely just have a root through. Since there sadly isn't a shop ANYWHERE near me, I went for the more relaxed, less messy internet version. It also caught my eye since the one and only god that is Harry Styles apparently shops here often (insert dimplefied perfection picture)

Now Harry is not online incredibly adorable and (list goes on) but he's also a very trendy young man, and has his unique style of thrifted yet cool. Beyond Retro is basically his own little playhouse, filled with all he could dream for, and I've looked at the men's section there, and even I want to dress a bit harry like (not like taylor though.) Anyway I thought I would create a mini wishlist to let you all know what I have been eyeing up on the site recently.

So if you have seen the killing, you'll know that is the television show that basically brought back these bad boys, the wooly jumper. I've been on the HUNT for baggy and oversized jumpers and sweaters because I just love the feel of them, and you can also make them look very nice without your jogging bottoms too. I'm the type that loves those big university styled jumpers or hoodie kind of fabric, but I am getting more attractive to wool, but I'm really picky about the fabric of jumpers, I hate when it's too thick, otherwise it makes me feel all itchy and horrible.

The Second item I'm really loving on the site is this high waisted midi skirt. I'm really into these kinds of skirts ever since watching costume dramas, where all the ladies have their blouses buttoned up and tucked into them, and I am seriously jealous we still don't dress like that, Victorian England must of been the place to be fashion wise. I'm not exactly sure what I would pair with this though without going to old school, so I might have to think before buying it and start planning some outfits.

As you all know, floral is by far my favourite trend for summer, ever. I don't know what it is, whether it's the colours or girlyness that attracts me to it, but I can't stay away. You can literally never go wrong with the print, and you can even tone it down so it's not as fluorescent if you wish. I also love high waisted shorts this summer, and for the price you pay on the site, it is definitely worth it.

The last one is another wintery styled jumper, but with a more toned down colour scheme. I really like this one, and I think it will look really nice with some black skinny jeans and some converses or vans!

Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out Beyond Retro to see if you can find any jewels x

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  1. Massive massive fan of vintage! I've got thousands of pieces now (embarassing!)
    I found you on BBunite blog hop page btw. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

    Robyn viav x vintageisavirtue blog