Friday, 17 May 2013

Jazz up your wardrobe Gatsby Style!

Hi Everyone!
My exams have finally finished, hooray. I'm so happy that they are finally over because know I can give all my attention to you lovely lot and my blog. I promise from now on till September I will fully commit to you all, because I have sadly been seeing my following numbers drop, which I hate because I feel like I'm failing you all, but I have a lot of ideas coming up for you, including some not so average lifestyle type posts which I have been bursting to write! I also have a couple of videos to upload to my youtube channel, so you'll be able to see and hear more from there too. Anyway, onto my topic for today's post. If you haven't been living under a rock for the past six months, you will probably know about a certain movie that has been released (finally) recently called 'The Great Gatsby.' Know I'm sure if you're like me and obsessed with fashion through the ages, you will be mega eager to go see it just for the clothes alone. 

So I decided to make a post dedicated to how you can achieve the women in the movies style, in this era. I've managed to find two gorgeous dresses, but sadly they do come with quite an expensive price tag. But do not fear, you can always buy plain gold dresses and pay for beads separately on ebay, the old fashioned way.

Image 1 of Needle & Thread Lunar Midi Dress

Yes, ouch the pricetag! This is an identical dress to what women would of probably of worn in that era for parties and nights out, and I personally have always loved the beaded and sequined details on 1920's so much. I think the flesh colored thin material, with the gold and silver on top is such a timeless fashion classic, and you can never go wrong with it.

Image 1 of Frock and Frill Sequin Embellished Dress with Deep V Back

Again, so expensive, but I suppose the company is trying to recreate the luxury that is having the chance to wear a 1920's inspired dress. This is definitely something that you would of seen ladies wear, and the deep v back that comes with the dress, would look amazing with a silver back necklace, classy yet very sexy.

Now onto the more affordable and modern side of taking inspiration from the 'Gatsby' era. You can obviously tell women were all about their embellishments in that decade, and you see many shops today trying to recreate embellishment like the nineteen twenties designers succeeded to do. It might not be obvious at first that they are taking inspiration, but if you look close enough at the design you can see that they have picked and chosen a few bits and bobs from those days.

I've always been a fan of tops with scalloped edges, so when I found this top I fell in love. The simple rose detail does class it up a lot from the boring old white design, and it would look perfect with a sequin mini skirt, or black skinnies as worn by the model.

This is something you would never think would come from the 'gatsby' era, but the details on the shorts and the bow show otherwise. Any vintage type of embellishment in my book is counted as some kind of 1920's inspired design, so I don't have very strict rules about that (I know, I'm hopeless) but this is a really nice meal out with friends type outfit, and could easily be changed into a more casual look with an oversized cardie and lightness on makeup and jewelry.

Thanks for reading, I really hope you are all as excited to see 'the Great Gatsby' as I am! x

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