Saturday, 4 May 2013

Natural Beauty at it's best - Jennifer Lawrence

Hi Everyone! 
I'm back after my first week of exams, revision, and homework! It's been really difficult for me to keep on top of things, since I have so much going on at the moment with school and outside activities, but I promise that if you stick with me I won't let you down and I'll try to post as often as I can. Today I was scrolling through the several newsletters I get on my email, and I found an article about this lovely lady...

Yes, my idol, the one and only Jennifer Lawrence. On red carpets, her signature make up look tends to be a smokey eye, and nude lips (sometimes replaced with a stronger pink) but at the premier of 'the great gatsby' last night she opted for a look that might have shocked a few people.

Jen went almost bare faced for the premier, which is a very brave move to take as a celebrity. The pressure of being a celebrity must be massive, you have to always cake on tones of make up, otherwise the press will most oftenly take a pass at you and tell you how 'bad' you looked without makeup. But Jennifer has never been that kind of celebrity, she's never cared about how she looks, and she doesn't care about her body image. In my opinion she is the perfect role model for kids, she's funny, carefree, and doesn't care too much for the paparazzi. She looked stunning with this 'natural' look, and I think more celebrities should be walking the red carpet with the same image.

What do you think about celebrities going bare faced for the red carpet? Should more actresses be doing such a thing?

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  1. She looks fantastic with the less-is-more face, if only other celebrities would take her lead - what a hero!