Thursday, 30 May 2013

#StyleBloggerAwards: The Goody Bag!

Hello Everyone!
That's right I'm back after an amazing couple of days at my Grandparents and London. I've been having a bit of a writers block I must admit, but after going to the #stylebloggerawards last night my mind is bursting with ideas for you all to enjoy! I just want to say a short thankyou to everyone who actually got me to that event last night, when I started my blog just over a year ago, I had no idea that people would actually read it, let alone vote for it in a national competition, with people much older than me trying. 

Even though I didn't win last night, I don't really care and I am happy for the winners, because I have plenty more years to enter since I'm only a baby in the blogging world, and it was an amazing experience for someone my age who has never been to an event like that before. Me and my lovely chaperone Bethan (shout out to her loveliness) left around about 9:30pm to get some food at Strada, but before we went we were lucky enough to receive some lovely goodies from company and many other brands! I thought you would all love a sneaky peek into what I got, here we go..

 So I will be posting another post about the event it self and who I got to meet, which will explain the mysterious glasses at the top of the bag to those of you who didn't attend. But this is basically what the bag looked like from the outside and just looking into it. There was a packet of popcorn in there somewhere, but somehow it found itself into my belly on the long long LONG train journey back home, so that sadly won't be making an appearance in this blog post, not that a bag of popcorn is that important haha.

So most of the products we got were hair related, but these have got to be one of my favorites. I always love getting samples, since I think they are generous on their own, but we were lucky enough to receive the full sizes of both these products, both I use often and count on with my life. The first product I received was an Anti-Frizz Leave in Conditioner by Yuko. I use this all the time before going out for meals with family and friends, or any occasion that requires blow-dried hair instead of naturally dried hair, and I partly use it because of the non oily fragrance it leaves behind, which I find with a lot of heat activated sprays I've tried in the past. The second product I got needs no introduction, the infamous batiste dry shampoo that every blogger ever has used or is using, heck I've got about three on the go already. I've never tried the lace one before though, so I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations or what I'm used to.

These next two products I am very excited to try out. The first one when I saw it I was absolutely shocked, because I'm absolutely head over heels for this brand. It's the Elemis 'Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash.' As a teenager living with hormone raged skin (yay greasy) I tend to jump from skin product to skin product, since I'm scared my skin will just get used to one one day, and it'll just make the situation worse. But I love Elemis products, and I'm very excited to see how my skin looks and feels after using this product for a couple weeks. Now the next one is a bit of a love/hate product for me since I'm not quite sure how I feel about the whole concept of it. I got a tester of the Lauren's Way 'Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse.' Now I know if you use the wrong fake tan it can look completely ridiculous on, and leaves streaks all over your legs, and since the woman who created the formula is off the show 'the only way is essex' I don't have all my trust in it yet. Please let me know if you use it/have used it and what you think of it in the comments!

Just some cheeky goodies they managed to squeeze in, these were also eaten by me and my brother soon afterwards...

I am in love with Soap and Glory, fact. So when I received one of their famous lipsticks, I was dying to just take it out and swatch it then and there, but then I realised it was a nude, and my mum loves her nude lips, so I thought it would be a lovely gift to bring back to her from the Big City. Next Product I received was an O.P.I nail varnish! I envy youtubers and bloggers who have tons of O.P.I since I just can't bring myself to spend that much on a nail varnish, but I loved it! I was really happy with the colour I received which was 'A Roll in the Hague.' It looks like a very muddy tangerine colour, but it's a lot more coraly than that, and I think it will look gorgeous with a tan.

(Testing out my cameras focusing skills, very impressed right now..)

The next things I got were both accessories, both from New Look I think (bracelet is definitely from New Look.) So just a simple grey beanie which I will be decorating with either studs or pearls, I haven't decided, but something that gives the beanie an edge, which is why I think Company put it in the bags, to bring out the bloggers creative side. And then just a cool little studded bracelet to give an edge to any outfit.

Then I just got some goodies from the amazing brand Paul Mitchell (I think he was at the event but not sure if it was actually him) so just a come and some Curls 'Beachy Texture Cream-Gel' which sounds like something I will enjoy using, since I wish I was born with curly hair sometimes.

And finally a copy of this month's issue of Company, and some very eccentric earrings from Glitzy and Glam.

I'll make sure I have a full post about the night up in a couple days, thanks for staying with me guys, love you xxx


  1. looks cool, I hope you had a good night :) xx

  2. Even though you didn't win sounds like it was a great experience! Love all the goodies you received ; )


  3. Looks like an amazing goody bag:)
    The OPI nail varnish looks amazing and I know what you mean about the expensive price.
    Hope you had a good night :) xx