Friday, 28 June 2013

Fete-ing to the extreme! (Photo Heavy)

 Hi Everyone!
So I'm sorry I haven't been on lately. It's the end of term and all the teachers are making us scramble to get our projects and work done, and all my days have been filled up with school and visiting people. I've also got a busy summer ahead of me since in exactly 2 weeks time! I'm taking A camera with me, and I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures so I can report back to you all. But anyways, last weekend I was up at my Grandparents in the Cotswold's, and my Grandad just so happens to be a Morris Dancer. Now, I didn't really know what this was until my mum explained it was dancing with lots of bells and outfits that involved pinning things onto your Morgan Freeman in Evan Almighty suit. I'd never been to a fete either since it was more of an 'English' thing to do so here's a brief some up of what it is and what we did..

So basically a fete is an event organised normally by the local school or church to raise money for the village, or a certain charity. They usually bring the whole village together to support it and bring in different kinds of rides and stalls for the children and adults, make it a family experience. There can also be raffles or tombolas, so it is just a genuine fair, but a bit bigger and a bit more going on.

My Granddad is the one with the big red arrow pointing at his head by the way;)

So the fete had a theme for this year, 'heroes and villains' which wasn't majorly shown throughout the fete, but I think the kids enjoyed dressing up. It began with a little parade down the main street, filled with exciting floats and vintage cars, which gave it a major James Bond theme who I hope is considered a hero. I don't really know how Morris Dancing fitted into the theme, but I think it might be a tradition to have Morris Dancing at fete's. They were the main attraction and were right at the front of the parade, and because my Grandad was the 'Squire' I believe (sorry grandad if I got the name wrong) he was basically the leader of the group, and now and again he would shout at everyone so they began their routine whilst they were walking through the village.

Thought I'd put this picture in a dusk type colour since it gives it a bit more of an edgy vibe since it's a lot more James Bond-y, yep I just made that word up.

My absolute favourite car out of them all, look at how pretty it is, highly jealous of that man who got to drive it. (not that I could drive it if I wanted to)

Then there was this really cute 'Midsummer's Night's Dream' themed float, which was so colourful and all the little boys and girls on it were dressed up like fairies and peter pan. Also, it was driven by one of those classic tractors that you see laying derelict on the side of a country walk path, I loved it. It was amazing how much effort was put into each and every one of the floats, but I can only show you a few otherwise this post would go on for foreverrr.

After looking at the many stalls around the fete, I stumbled across my favourite which was, the churos tent. Now if you know me or even have just read one of my tweets before you will know I have a deep love/hate relationship with food and I will literally eat anything within reason, so when I saw the churos tent I did a little happy dance. We were taught about Spanish food in our french lessons when we were getting Spanish 'tasters' for our subject choices for next year, and this and paella appealed most to me, now personally I think Paella was amazing, but not a patch on churos y chocolate (Spanish extraordinaire right here). It's basically doughnuts but straight, and a hot chocolate custardy type sauce that you dunk them into, best pudding that ever existed.

So after a long day of competing to win prizes, and a lot of cake eating, my family and I had a great day out and my Granddad was absolutely shattered from all his dancing, but fair play he did an amazing job, and I was very proud of him. Me and James walked away with an inflatable hammer (which I christened George) and a couple toy guns as our winnings from different amusements. I also bought some wellies for the fete from Mountain Warehouse, and I do look very 'festival/fete' ready in them if I do say so myself. Yep they are something alright.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day out, and let me know if you take part in any fete's that come to your little towns and villages!x

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