Thursday, 6 June 2013

Steal Her Style and Perrie Edwards.

Hi Everyone!
So if you are like me, then you are infamous for having what we call 'style crushes' for an amount of time, every month you seem to find a celebrity or blogger who's closet just makes your mouth water, and you try and track down pieces of clothing that aren't necessarily exactly like it, but now and then you find yourself ordering something because that certain person wore it. I know it's not a very good example, and I don't recommend 'copying' a whole outfit, but when I see something like a jumper or a pair of shoes that they have bought from the high street, I will stalk that top/shorts/whatever for weeks until I finally hike up my skirt and buy the thing. I'm all for uniqueness in fashion, in fact I swear by it, but buying the same shirt as say Selena Gomez isn't going to get you shunned now is it?

All rights for the picture of little mix is for digital spy, I do not own any of these images in this post, including photos taken from the steal her style website.

So my current obsession is none other than Perrie Edwards, the girl that so far practically every teenage girl is jealous of right now since she's A. in little mix, one of the top up and coming girl groups of 2013 with other lovely ladies Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne, and B. she's dating Zayn Malik, now if you know me I'm a tad obsessed with One Direction also, so that might add a bit to my love for these four girls. Perrie's is by far my most preferred style, she's always wearing comfy outfits that look amazing on her, and she's so beautiful without having to put a load of smack on her face and being stick thin, which in reality, isn't attractive. She's also always experimenting with her hair, and even though she's now back to her normal blonde and trying to strengthen her hair so it goes back to it's fullness, I think she looks amazing with or without bottles of hair dye.

Recently I found this amazing site called 'Steal her Style'. Now I'm not a big fan of the title, since it implies that you are copying the celebrity, but really, in my opinion I'm taking inspiration from his/her outfit, and then creating my little ensemble from ideas I might have picked up along the way. This site offers (usually) exact copies of the outfits, but I love to take snippets from them, and add them onto my own wishlist. Steal her style has been running for over 5 years now, and since then it has made up a collection of about 150 different women whose wardrobes we could only dream of owning. I thought I might show you some of my favorite clothes and outfits Perrie had worn that Steal Her Style have managed to track down on the high-street.

photo posted by Perrie Edwards on Facebook
ALL INFORMATION IS TAKEN FROM STEAL HER STYLE (sweater: ASOS, trainers: New Look, Jeans: American Apparel)

I am definitely all for different takes on your normal cropped sweater, so when I saw this top that Perrie wore I had serious wardrobe envy. I always think that pom pom's add a great touch to an outfit, and this is definitely a super kitsch way to rock them. Perrie is also wearing the infamous American Apparel 'easy jeans', and I've always like these jeans, but not sure if I would actually invest in a pair since they were so expensive. I also like her trainers and love that she is wearing a high street brand instead of converse, which I think isn't done enough. 

Perrie Edwards: Colorblock Shorts, White Sneakers
(crop top: Topshop, Vans: Vans, Colour block Shorts: American Apparel)

I have always been a fan of keeping it simple but adding a pop of colour to the outfit, and this outfit from Perrie is perfectly tailored to that demand. I would definitely wear this outfit out and about on holiday or even on a sunny day in Britain, the only problem with it is you might drop your ice cream down your top and then there's no way of hiding it! I really love the colour block shorts, they are really perfect for summer and add a bit of flavor to any outfit.

(Jumper: NastyGal)

I probably saved the best outfit of them all for last. I fell in love with this jumper the minute I saw it, it literally looks like a unicorn just threw up on it (charming I know), but how can you not love this? This jumper is the perfect jumper for when you again need that certain pop of something to your boring leggings and vans, it definitely makes an impression on people. I would personally style this with a bowler hat, some disco pants or skinny jeans/jeggings, and some doc.Martens on your feet. I usually spend my days lounging around in boring grey sweats if I'm not going out, but now this jumper could give me an excuse for going out in a jumper shopping.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I had fun in researching (er kind of) around on the site, if you want to check it out please click here. Wouldn't it be great if Perrie actually saw this post? dreams...
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  1. Eep, 'steal her style' or 'how to get ____'s style' are my favourite kind of posts!

    I adore all of Little Mix's outfits+makeup, I think their whole look is always so on point. Whoever their stylist is deserves a pat on the back!

    Just stumbled accross your blog through the #fbloggers tag on twitter and I'm so glad I did, looking forward to seeing more of your posts!
    Sinead xo
    ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  2. i love this post! i did a post like this using but for jade in little mix instead:) xxx