Sunday, 30 June 2013

What I Pack in my Travel Make-up Bag: The Journey

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday Afternoon!
It's started to rain again sadly, so after about 10 minutes of just staring outside of my window depressing myself with the site if british weather, I decided I would go ahead and start packing my beauty bags for my France trip which is in just under two weeks time. After watching a lady on youtube talk about what she likes  to pack for her flight and the journey to wherever she's going, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you all some things that I'm taking. (I'll leave her video/channel here, she's really lovely and a favourite of mine)

So to get to France I have to get on a ferry to cross the channel, which scares me just a little bit because I've never been on a boat before, but apparently it has pizza on it, so that should soothe me. But anyway, we have to sleep with our clothes still on, and since we aren't allowed to check in until lunchtime the following day, I am bringing some things so I don't stink for the first half of my first day in 'paradise'. I'm bringing a decent size bag with me that will fit in my little handbag for the bus down to the port (we are on the coach for about 10 hours) so basically my little handbag will have my food which I obviously need because I'm me, my washbag, and my magazines and so on, let's just call it the 'fun sack'.
 So way back in May I went to the blogger awards I stayed with my amazing cousin Bethan and her husband Daniel. For some really weird reason we left my dress at their appartment, so they posted it down, but Bethan added in some goodies sneakily to the package (not that I'm complaining) so a lot of these samples are from Bethan, I kind of love her for these haha.

So as you peer into my little travel best friend you will see that it's not stuffed to the brim, because to be honest I'm not a product junkie, and I don't think I ever will be. But let's just say I have the 'essentials' I need to carry me on for a day.

So here are the basics that I will need. First I just bought a rubbish toothbrush for about 50p that I can just throw away after the boat, because I have my real one already packed in my other bag. Then I've just got some shampoo because according to my french teacher, there are showers on the boat if you really want to take a decent wash before bed. But I chose quite a nice sample which I haven't tried yet to take away with me, which is the 'L'oreal hair experience ever pure colour protect shampoo', now isn't that a name and a half. I found this sample on a freebie site a while back, and since I have highlighted hair that I keep on re-dyeing, I thought it would be a good shampoo to use. The only colour protect shampoo I have used so far is the Aussie one, and it's really nice, but expensive sadly. Then finally I've got some ear plugs just in case someone wants to randomly make some noise or snore in the middle of the night. 

The next things I've packed are just to generally freshen up my skin making me look a bit more 'alive' for the next day, and to also make sure I'm not wiffy when I get off the ferry, because no one wants to stink now do they? The next product I've packed is just a simple shower cream which again, is just in case I happen to take a shower on the ferry. Then I've just got some Nivea deodorant, and some Elemis face wash to get rid of my horrible oily skin, ew.

Then I've just got some Dr. Harris & Co Mouth Wash, and some toothpaste which again will prevent me from stinking. 

And finally, I thought I would use up my perfume samples that I have been getting a lot of recently, and these are probably my least favourites of them all, but they still smell quite nice. The first one is Escada 'Island Kiss', and the second is 'Wonderstruck' by Taylor Swift, I'm not a massive fan but I think she's got decent taste in scents. So Obviously I will be taking a brush as well, but it's a bit boring taking a picture of an old mini hairbrush, so I just decided not to include it. I hope you enjoyed this post, and there will be a second instalment of me showing you my 'official' beauty bag to take on holiday.
Thanks so much for reading you beautiful human,
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  1. I adore that bag, I'll have to try and find it online now! I hope you have a good time in France. I went in 2005 and 2006 on a catamaran (just like a ferry) from Dover, and you barely realise you are on it until you get the port in France, so I bet you'll be fine!

    Millie x

  2. Such great things...I love the Anya Hindmarch bag sooo cute xoxo

  3. taking perfume samples is a great idea!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube // bloglovin

  4. Hey Anna, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, please take a look at for my questions to you :)