Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Bucket List..

Hello Everyone!
So I know I am only thirteen going on fourteen and I don't really have the 'experience' to make a bucket list, but something very cool caught my eye in my email inbox this week. Money Supermarket are running this competition bloggers, to write their bucket list online, telling them why we would like to complete these goals, and how we would do it. The winner receives quite a big sum of cash to go towards completing some things on your bucket list, and if more than 50 bloggers enter, they will double that amount! But I didn't do this post just for the prize, I thought it was a great idea for a post, and would allow you to know a bit more about me, and my goals in life. All I have to do is write a bucket list that has to include one 'budget' bucjet list item, and two extravagant ones. If you are a blogger and would like to take part in this contest, the terms and conditions about how to enter is all on this page here so I really do recommend you take part in this, it's a great opportunity to actually think about you bucket list, something I've never done before. So here we go!

1. Go to New York
Aaaaah New York, that city that is the constant location for all sorts of programmes, and most Romantic Comedies. I honestly have no idea of where my obsession for New York started, maybe it was excessive re-runs of Friends that I would literally always watch, I don't even care if I've seen it a million times, I still can't contain my laughter. But there is something about that city that just makes me want to go and soak up the atmosphere of it, walk down central park, go to times square, be a wannabe new yorker. There is nothing better than watching anything to do with new york on the tv, or getting something from it, even if it was 'made in china'.

2. Zipwire... somewhere?
I've always wanted to try ziplining, but never have I actually plucked up the courage to get in a harness and go on one. I am an official wuss. One time, I went to Alton Towers and the only things I went on were Air and Nemesis, SCARIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. But for some reason ziplining across some mountains where I could fall to my death, appeals to me.

3. Meet my Idols (Budget)
So if you read me posts regularly, you will know that I have recently grown to love four you singers that go by the name 'Little Mix'. They are honestly my inspiration, I love them so much, and knowing that they don't care what people say about them makes them even better. They are constantly receiving grief for either being to fat, or too thin, but they just carry on with their lives, and that's what makes them true role models. Since I have only just started to love them a couple months back, I have missed them do signings and meet and greets in the uk, but hopefully one day, I will be able to meet them.

4. Interview Anna Wintour (Editor Of Vogue)
Everyone knows that Anna Wintour has basically turned down any interviews she has ever been offered, she hates being in the public eye. But as an aspiring fashion writer, my achievement is to somehow manage to get an interview with her. I know it is somewhat impossible, but she is such an influence for every up and coming fashion journalist, and I think if I had a brief moment to get inside her head a bit, I would leap at the chance.

5. Blog from Outer Space.. (Extravagant)
Now I know what you are thinking, am I crazy?! Well the answer is, definitely yes. I've always had a mini fascination with space and the unknown, and I hope in the future somehow I will be able to write from a space shuttle whilst orbiting some planet we haven't even heard of yet. Well I guess this should be counted as an extravagant bucket list wish then.

6. Write for a big time magazine
I love to write, that's a bit obvious. But I'd love a magazine to offer me a place in their magazine, it isn't completely impossible since I know the lovely Gemma from Gem Fatale did it. I actually met her at the company style blogger awards and freaked out a bit, since she's really pretty and basically has my dream life. I mean partying in Ibiza but also shooting at the same time, who wouldn't want that lifestyle?!

The Lovely Brisbane..

7. Go to Austraaaaalia (Extravagant)
So since my Auntie Ellie and her family up sticks and moved basically to the other side of the planet, Australia has definitely been growing on me. I'm suddenly wanting to go see crocodiles and just lounge on the beach, and also everyone is apparently very friendly there too. I just love travelling and this is just one of the few places I want to go before I die. It also apparently has a load of good food (hashtag food crazed teenager on the run)

8. Win an award for blogging
Now when I went to the company blogger awards, I had an amazing time and since then I've been craving to have a piece of that lifestyle, the award ceremonies, and again the food. But I would really like to win a blogging award, since it would give me that bit extra of a push towards my dream career. I do really love the atmosphere of the events, and since I live in the middle of nowhere in Wales, I don't really get a lot of that action.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading my bucket list, feel free to go ahead and write yours, take inspiration from mine if you wish!

P.S I tag these three amazing bloggers to do this, it's great fun!


  1. You can see my office in that picture of Brisbane! Hopefully you can come and visit sooner rather than later!

  2. You can see my office in that picture of Brisbane! Hopefully you can come and visit sooner rather than later!

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Check it out here...
    :) xx