Monday, 8 July 2013


Hi Everyone!
So I've always been an avid fundraiser girl, I watch children in need and comic relief every year, and from the age of about 7 on wards I was always trying to think of ways I could earn money to help the cause I was saving for. Recently I found out about this charity that suits my personality and what I do perfectly, and as it is not as famous and publicised as many other charities that everyone knows of, it's a perfect charity for me to spread the word about. This site and foundation is called Trekstock.


Trekstock is all about young people battling something that you would never wish on anyone, not even your worst enemy, and that is cancer. As a youngster like me and many of you who are reading this blog at the moment,we want to go out and have fun, think of what we want to be when we're older, and for some of us, maybe even start planning for the future. But as we all know, cancer prevents that, makes us feel down and weak, having to forget about that sometimes because you know that you are focusing on trying to beat it and get better. But trekstock helps young people like us, to forget about their condition, and help with our studies and our future, giving us hope, and making us happier.

Trekstock raises money through many activities. One, in particular is their growing clothing range, which has recently caught the eyes of 'whistles' giving them a one-off spot as a limited edition clothing line working with them. They focus on unique and quirky designs to print, that our dedicated to young people and what's 'in' at the moment. Their t-shirts are inexpensive, and well worth it for what you are contributing to.

Trekstock's goal is to 'cure cancer through funding research of the highest standard and ensuring that all young people have the right and relevant information to make better informed lifestyle choices' and with us behind them, they can definitely achieve that.

As a new ambassador for this site, along with Harry Styles and Liam Payne, I am trying my best to make as much money for this charity as possible, and by doing this, I will need your help. So for the upcoming months ALL ad proceeds on my blog will go to trekstock at the end of that month but remember, that even if you donate £1 it will make a big difference and get trekstock one step closer to their goal.
I would like to raise as much money as I possibly can, but my personal goal is around £50 because I believe with the audience I am building, I can most definitely get there in the next couple months. This will be in operation till I get my goal, so hopefully around 6 months! so please feel free to spread the word about my little 'pot'. 
It's just something I have wanted to do for a while with my blog, and now that I have found a charity that fits me like a glove, I am trying my hardest to help them in the best way I can think of, doing what I love.

Thanks for reading, and please make sure to visit the site for more details on their shop, their story, their goal, and even how to become an ambassador by raising money on YOUR site. 

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