Sunday, 11 August 2013

Evening Meal out in Budapest OOTD

Hello Everyone!
So I'm currently sat in my pajamas at about 2pm but I don't care, because this is the first time in a week I've actually been able to wear sleeves and sleep with the covers on after a boiling hot week in Hungary. Now looking at Hungary's position on a map, you wouldn't think it would get that hot would you? But no, we ended up going during the freak heat wave, and trust me when I came off that plane in England at lunchtime, I was beyond happy that there was actually wind in my face, and it wasn't coming out of anything electric.

So a lot of you lovely people told me that you really wanted to see some of the outfits that I wore on holiday. Truth be told, this year my wardrobe basically consisted of two things, denim, and floral. I honestly never get sick of these two things, so I stayed in it all week (meaning I had several different outfits, I'm not that dirty). I chose this outfit to take a picture of because it was ridiculously comfortable, and if you pop on some tights, it can be a winter outfit as well. I don't suggest wearing a bikini top as a bra though in the winter like I did that night, it might get a bit chilly.

P.S I don't know why I'm doing this, but if you've been reading my posts for a long time, you will know that I genuinely have something wrong with me that affects in a way no one (not even myself) will understand..

It was our last night in Budapest, so we chose to eat out, and savour the Hungarian cuisine, which luckily for me, meant another serving of apple pie with almonds and chocolate ice cream, no I'm not one of those people who count calories and whatever else you're supposed to watch. My brother, pictured above literally legging it to the restaurant, was excited to have his last round of Goulash, something I still don't know the ingredients of. My dad was supposed to be a dramatic picture of us walking with the scenery in the background, but I ruined it. Yay for stupid poses!

Baring in mind I wasn't wearing any makeup, I wore sunglasses all day to cover the bags under my eyes. To this day I still have no idea how people in hot countries manage to sleep at night. 

This picture I thought I should include because in five or so years, when my brother is fifteen, I will show him his photobombing skills, and parade them in front of his friends. Yes James, including the one where you thought it would be funny to walk around in my hot pink bikini..with no pants on. 

I'm infamous for looking stiff in photos, and this is probably one of them, but I think it captures how simple but stylish my outfit actually was, pairing the pinafore with a pair of nude sandals, which by the way are the comfiest sandals I've ever worn, thank you River Island angels.

So where is this all from eh?

Sunglasses - New Look 
Pinafore - River Island
T-Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Sandals - River Island

I really hoped you liked my outfit, and as soon as my camera charges I will set to work on writing a little Budapest mini diary of my week, I love you all so much.


  1. You beautiful creature.
    Not quite sure about your um.... air-humping brother... tahahhahahahahha

    Glad you had a nice time :-)

  2. Omg that pose killed me! You're brothers quite the looker isn't he lol