Friday, 9 August 2013

Little Mix For New Look Nails

Hi Guys!
So I'm sorry again that it's taken me so long to blog, I actually scheduled this post to go up a couple days ago, but for some reason it didn't, I must have pressed the wrong button. I'm currently sat on my bed in Budapest, with a fan blowing in my face, it's not the coldest place on earth I can tell you that. Because of dodgy internet I've only just been able to get on to blogger and publish this post, so I really hope it's all good. Also, before I continue on with the review, you might have noticed a massive change in the design of this blog. I wanted to change my year and a half old banner, for something new. I knew I wasn't going to have it forever and I was starting to get tired of it, so as I was talking to my best friend Tolly on twitter, and she offered to design a new header for me, if you've seen how well designed her blog is, you wouldn't say no. So here it is, the new 'me' ready to face year 10 in a couple weeks time, scared? no freaked? hell yes.

So if you know me, you probably know by now I'm a huge fan of Little Mix, so when I heard they had released a nail range with one of the biggest high street stores in the UK, New Look, I was really interested in finding out how much they were and to have a look at their designs. I only just decided to buy them from ASOS, since I had some giftcard money for my birthday, since they were quite expensive at £5-£6 for a pack. The collection includes four sets of nail wraps and fake nails each, all designed by the girls themselves, showcasing their style using nail art. I was really impressed with all of the designed and wanted to try all of them, but since they were priced at that amount, I went for Jade's nail wraps.

The nail wraps themselves came in a really thin, tightly packed 'packet' as shown above, and I was really happy about that since they weren't wasting packaging like a lot of big brands tend to do. The pack came with a total of twenty nail wraps, so you were able to use them twice, and they also came with a nail file, and some instructions. You didn't have to heat them up before using, so that made them easier to apply, and they were also quite easy to shape.

The only problem I came across with these nail wraps was that they didn't cope well with water, and after one bath one nail fell off, and I couldn't re apply another one since I only had ten left, so I had to paint it with a colour that would match. 

(My dad in the background, oops sorry Dad)

The nails themselves after that one incident, lasted about a week without a top coat since it was already applied on the nail wraps, and the colours also dealt well with all the baths and showers I had taken during those seven days.
So all in all, I thought the designs were great and really suited the girls personality. They were gorgeous and the colours were so easy to work with, you could wear them all year round if you wanted. I would probably buy them again, but not too often since at £6, they are a bit pricey for some nail wraps, but since they are Little Mix's creation, you can understand how they earn that extra pocket. I would probably give these a 4/5.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you like the new blog design.

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  1. these are such gorgeous nail wraps, i love the colours! its a pity about one falling off with water though!xx