Monday, 12 August 2013

Teen Choice Awards 2013: The Good, the Bad, and the Boys..

Why Good Morning you beautiful people!
The reason I am so happy today, is whenever there is a new award show or important event going on in the celebrity world, it means that I can drool (and puke) over the outfits, which in all honestly has taken up my morning. This time it was the turn of the 'Teen Choice Awards 2013' to wow me. I really love the TCA'S because they aren't as formal as the other awards, so people can basically wear whatever they want, within reason of course. I was really happy to see some familiar faces, since these types of shows usually have a lot of American shows running for awards that we haven't even seen yet. I thought I would show you my best and worsts of the gals, and then a bit of boy couture at the end, sound all right to you? ok then..

All photos courtesy of JaredJr. I do not own any of these pictures.

Sasha Pieterse:
Now, I'm pretty sure a lot of you people will know who she is since her name rings a bell to me and I'm probably just having a blonde moment, but I honestly have no idea who she is. But anywho, I really love how casual but classy this outfit is. She's not showing any skin at all, and the black is really simple, but the clutch and maxi skirt really makes the ensemble look a lot more 'evening' wear, since it's keeping with the dark theme, but sticking to simple, not over dramatised makeup. Also the dress appears to have pockets, so it's basically my dream dress.

Ryan Newman:
Now I've seen Ryan Newman grow up, and I honestly think she is turning into a stunning woman, with amazing fashion sense. If you've ever seen the movie 'Hannah Montana' (reliving my disney channel years) you will probably recognise this dress as one of the outfits that Hannah wears during the film, and that's why I chose it as the best. The embellishment is what makes the dress, turning it from a 'girl next door' type dress, to a bit more fresh, mature dress, since it's decorated in a corset shape. I also think the fuschia shoes go great with this outfit. 

Alexis Knapp:
Now again, I have no idea who this woman is, I'm so sorry! But I am a bit obsessed with her wardrobe after googling her, that's right, I don't mess around. I saw a lot of people trying out the leather trend at the awards last night, but I think that Alexis probably did it the best. Again it's a very simple outfit, not over glamourised, but I really love that she hasn't gone bright since it's summer, using purple's and grey's for the outfit. But she's also not afraid to show some skin, and I'm really glad she has, because it does in fact add an extra 'edge' to the outfit.

Now for the not so good one's..
Abigail Breslin:
I don't even know what to say about this dress. The fact that it makes her look bigger than she actually is is already a no no, but the dress also makes her boobs 'spill' out, and that is never a good thing in my books. She then pairs it with some granny tights, and nude what look like 'suede' heels. I think that the girl just likes velvet and suede too much, and doesn't know when to stop.

Hailee Steinfeld:
Ever since I read Hailee's interview in Company magazine, I really respected her, she was a child actor, but went back to school to finish her education because that's what she thought was best, and judging by her way of words in the interview, she's definitely not dumb. She's also just been named the new face for Miu Miu's new collection, and she also has a new film debuting. So all in all, at 15/16 she is an idol to many child actors, she chose to take a break from acting to finish her education, and stay in school. She's also a style icon of mine, but I honestly have no idea what she was thinking when she chose it. I love colour blocking and I think it's a great way to experiment with palettes, but these colours and fabric just don't go together well, and I think that her makeup is too heavy for the occasion.

Chloe Grace Moretz:
Now I'm a massive fan of Chloe Moretz, I have loved her since 'Hugo' onwards, and I think she's a great actor and fashionista. Ever since she died her hair to be a brunette I have really  been enjoying her looks at award shows and events, they have been really fitting for her shape. But I really don't like this dress, I think it makes her look a bit shapeless, Chloe is a healthy weight unlike most teen actors don't get me wrong, but she has fabulous curves, and I just don't think that this dress makes it clear enough.

And finally, you probably all knew this was coming ... the boys.

One Direction:
I probably can't explain to you how obsessed I am with these boys, and if you follow me on twitter you will probably know a favourite quite a lot of Harry pictures, One Direction videos, gif's and so on, so it's no surprise I chose them as best dressed guys of the night. They've all got a specific style, and I think it's great that they haven't gone down the typical boy band road with matching suits, I love that they all have different approaches to it. Like Harry, he's a millionaire but has boots with holes in, and he rips off the sleeves of his shirts to make bandanas, let's just say he's the hipster of the group. And Louis, he's constantly rolling up his jeans and sleeves, and never wears socks for some reason, but he hasn't been forced to dress like that. Zayn has an edgier vibe to his style, and I'm constantly confusing him for a male model, because honestly that bone structure could kill some poor girl. And finally Liam and Niall are really casual, constantly wearing jeans and vests for Niall, but I love how 'pure' Niall is, he's almost twenty and is still the cutest thing ever. He's also the only member that hasn't gotten inked yet, and I'm praying he never does, but you never know..

Thanks for reading, who do you think was dressed the best at the 2013 TCA'S? Let me know in the comments, love you all.


  1. Love this post! Abigail Breslin looks so different from how she looked when she was younger- I hardly recognize her! Definitely agree with you on all of these!


  2. heey, i think sasha is in pretty little liars and alexis was in pitch perfect (i think :/) x

  3. Chloe's look was awful!

    Emma x

  4. ahh I love this post, I love how we did it the same time aha!

  5. I agree completely with all your opinions! Great post :)
    Omg excuse me as I fangirl over 1D hehehe

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  6. Thats so true about Chloe Moretz's dress! I usually love what she wears but she should definitely be showing off her curves more X

  7. Sasha is Allison on pretty little liars! :)
    - Michelle xo