Monday, 9 September 2013

Back to School: Shoes & Bag

Hi Everyone!
So I would like to say sorry again for being late with my blog posts, I haven't feeling my best these past couple days. Nothing to worry about of course, I've just got major back to school blues and I've not been well, but that's just because I'm a bit of a wimp and I always get colds. I was also going to post yesterday, but I ended up going on a bike ride, messing up my knees, and bruising/cracking a rib. I was riding down a hill and my friends told me to use my breaks less, I stupidly agreed, and here I am aching *dramatic teenage girl probs* but as me and my best friends say, YOLO! I can't believe I actually say it, I keep on trying to convince myself I'm using it ironically, but I think that excuse is starting to fade.

I'm also sorry for the quality of the photos today, my camera decided to die on me and at the moment I'm getting it fixed, so so far It's not looking good on the OOTD posts front, and I've busted my legs so if I do manage to get an outfit on, it will be with tights on hehe! So this post will basically be about what I'm using for school this year, and where they are from. Enjoyyyyy.

Barratts Shoes - £18

So you can probably tell by my school uniform that it's nothing special, but I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones because we don't have to wear ties and blouses or whatever they are called, and we are also allowed to have whatever kind of bag we want for school within reason. Shoes also apply under that rule, and I am so glad that they do. I'm sure in countries outside of britain, most of you are allowed to wear your own clothes, now in my opinion I actually think that is a negative since you're never allowed to wear the same outfit twice without getting judged, but with my uniform, I can tweak it to my own tastes to add originality. And I think that's actually quite nice. I was actually lucky enough to be chosen to be one of Barratt's bloggers, and they let me choose a pair of shoes, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some decent school shoes, and I got these for a steal at £18. They are honestly a great shop for school shoes, and they also do great shoes for all ages, so if you're a mummy reader or blogger, you can always manage to find a pair for you as well as your little tot!

Big Square Lazy Oaf Backpack - ASOS - £33 (Down from £55)

So when I first saw this bag, I honestly had no idea how big it actually was since I was ordering from ASOS, but I didn't really think about that, and I mainly bought it sadly because of the label, I've always wanted something from lazy oaf, and I thought this school bag was really unique and described my personality well, so I went for it. Everyone was laughing at it but now I don't have to carry all my binders rounds in my arms, instead I can just shove them in the bag because trust me, there is plenty of space in that cave of a carry-on. It's definitely not the cheapest of bags, but I think it was really worth it and hopefully it won't let me down. It's also big enough to carry all my books, and my p.e kit along with the folders.

Thanks for reading, what have you got for your new term, and what do you think of my picks? Also a big thanks to Kieron at Barratts for letting me have the shoes to review. :)


  1. I love the bag! I may have to put it on my Christmas/birthday list (yes, I am already thinking about that). I wish I could wear ballet flats like that though, my feet are only a size 3 and really narrow, so they just don't fit well.

    Millie x
    Hidden Beauty♥

  2. I love your backpack! Aw xx

  3. Super cute shoes and bag!
    Hope you feel better and recover soon! It sounds awful!!

  4. Those are lovely shoes and all I want from Lazy oaf is a dress- they always have such fun prints! I hope you get better soon. :)