Saturday, 21 September 2013

Get inside a Teen Girl's head: Boys Hair & Fashion

Hello Everyone!
So I've been very excited about writing this post for you all, since I think it will be quite a funny series if you all like the first post, and for some guy readers or Women who just don't understand teenage girl's thoughts anymore, give them an insight into what's 'hot or not' in the teen world. Now you can all probably tell I'm not your average teenager, I hate energy drinks, and when it comes to scary movies I'd rather watch documentaries about some posh school outside London. But the point is, I do know what's what and I'm a very observational person (another word for frequent people watcher) and I get how us girls tick, and what makes our hearts flutter, as you will hopefully get to grips with in this post I have for you today..
So you now that I am obsessed with boybands by my constant instagrams and tweets about boys who sing and play guitar (basically the Robbie Williams'/ whoever you fancied that could play an instrument of 2013). I have three boybands on the go at the moment *she says feeling like a babe* and I can see a frequent pattern in my favourites' fashion and hair. So enjoy my take on what clothes I really like on a boy, and hair.

Now a brief introduction to one of my new favourites..

The Vamps: I've got to admit when I heard about them I thought they were some indie wannabe band with no talent *very harsh* but my friend Elin made me listen to them one day, and I was just gawping at the lead singer's voice, it's perfect! They also have been heavily influenced by the likes of Mcfly, who I already love. They are also just four really normal lads who don't pose or pout for pictures, they are just completely adorable. They have a new single called 'Can We Dance' out on the 30th of September, and they also have a youtube channel here where they post behind the scenes videos and covers of some great songs. My favourite cover at the moment is their cover of Taylor Swift's '22'. I must say I'm not keen on Taylor Swift or that song, but their version is just fab, I can't stress that enough, so go have a listen!

So let's move on to what I like and dislike shall we? Let's start with the YAY's.
The Hair:
Now this is a sensitive subject between us girls, since we are literally split down the center. Personally, I love dark hair, curly, to be exact. I just really dislike quiffs that are just really long, and I don't like the bieber cut either. I like really messy hair that looks like it hasn't been brushed for months, in the form of Bradley Simpson's or Harry Styles hair please. I don't know why but I just really don't like blonde hair, it's just something that I've never loved. Which is weird because I used to have dark brown hair, but dyed it blonde because I just couldn't stand the colour on me, it didn't suit me at all. So the messy shaggy hair look is a yes from me. 

The Dress sense:
Personally, I always love baggy jumpers as a signature style piece on boys. I think they suit every boy and they are just a very cute outfit paired with skinny jeans. Not overly 'indie' and I hate slogan tees, they just look silly on them. I also hate snapbacks since I think they come across as very chavy and not at all stylish. I love beanies, they are also adorable. I'm all for comfy clothes on boys, the less they try to tweak that, the better. I don't like tattoos massively, and I hate sleeves, I just don't find them 'trendy' at all, but the occasional lip ring is perfect, I have a weakness for lip rings, I think they are so fashionable on a boy, and they look a lot better than on a girl's lips. Bomber jacket's are also great and I love the Vamps' outfits in their latest video for 'Can We Dance'. Rolled up sleeves chic dare I say.

And finally, their personalities:
All teenage girls have the same type, it's obvious. We all want the shy boy who always tells us they love you and cuddles you and let's you wear their clothes and all that mushy rubbish, but we also like boys with a slight edge, it's an instant thing that draws us all and makes us swoon (more like froth at the mouth). I'm probably the same, since I am hormonal and all that.

No matter what kind of teenage girl you are, how you look, what race you are, what your style is, we are all feeling the same, and are secretly drawn to that specific type.

Thanks for reading, do you like the 'Get inside a teen girl's head' series so far, would you like another one? Don't worry the boy stuff is over, if you don't like this you can always keep scrollin'. Do you agree with me? Extra point, I'm a sucker for brown eyes.


  1. just one word: PERFECT.

    - Lena xx

  2. haha I loved this post!! Im into really dark hair and light eyes. Its a perfect combination for me. I love the layed back/slightly edgy kind of look for a guy. hehe

    1. I'm so glad a lot of people feel the same, they are perfect <3

  3. I love the vamps! + I with you on the hair front :p x

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    1. The vamps are perfect, and I'm glad, they put a smile on my face, so does brad's hair. :-)

  4. This made me giggle so much! Love it! :)

    Laura x

  5. The Vamps=perfection. Alsobiblove that kinda hair and am a sucker for anyone with brown curly hair haha.
    Alice x