Sunday, 15 September 2013

London Fashion Week: Eye Catching Collections..

Hello Everyone!
So the time has finally come for the blog posts about London Fashion Week, I'm devastated I couldn't go, but I have been watching a lot of the livestreams over the weekend. Without Vogue online, I probably wouldn't have images for this post, so all credits go to Vogue for the fab and clear photographs. For some reason I'm a wimp this month, and I keep getting ill! But it hasn't stopped me from posting, heck, I can't keep away from you all during London Fashion Week that's insane, I think I will definitely be posting more than once this week you can count on that.
So I thought I would write about the collections that have truly caught my eyes so far, and ones to watch out for next time you're going to a catwalk show. I've chosen these collections because for me they are the ones that really stood out and spoke to me as a fashion writer, and I really hope you like them as much as I do! I've also discovered so many new designers and style crushes, I will be forever envious of all you FROWers of this years #LFW!
Temperley London's Catwalk Show S/S14

Now you've all known me for almost a year and a half now, and you all know that I am a girly girl through and through. I love Ryan Gosling and Harry Styles, I love the notebook, I love big bows and the colour pink, and of course, I love floaty dresses. I'd never even heard of Temperley London before today, after I watched snippets of the show during the breaks of the LFW Livestream, I fell in love with it, and I searched through VOGUE's website to find the pictures and just looking at them made me feel somewhat of a hint of a disney princess vibe. I love pastels and the colours that the designer used were gorgeous, the light thin fabric also matched well with the femininity of the collection, and finally, the designer let's the models wear bra's! I honestly feel slightly uncomfortable watching catwalks where the models have their nipples on full display, the only thing I'm thinking about is how uncomfortable I'd feel going out and having to show my boobies to everyone. My favourite dress has got to be the second to left one on the top row, it just reeks girlyness, and in every good way possible.
House Of Holland Catwalk Show S/S14
Harry Styles, Nick Grimshaw, and Kelly Osbourne at London Fashion Week 15/9/13

I've always loved House Of Holland, I love going through the racks in my local Debenhams with my mum, and she's always saying to me how bright his patterns are, and that's what I love about his collection, the utter boldness of it all. It makes you stand out in the crowd, and that basically says it all if you're wearing it to London Fashion Week. There was a mix of Yellow, Purple, everything, and he mix and matched different colours and patterns to create beautiful dresses, coats, and skirts. I also loved his use of Gingham, I never get tired of it, it's such a marmite fabric. I also loved the bronze coloured bomber jacket one of the models were wearing, it's perfect for making a statement, and I can see bronze definitely being a future trend for Spring and Summer 2014. Obviously we can't forget the amazing front row they had, including my favourite person in the whole entire planet, the one and only Harry Styles. Only Harry would wear a t-shirt and skinny jeans to fashion week, but that's Harry isn't it? And if that's his style, I don't think anyone's going to complain, he was surrounded by the ladies in the FROW, and I think he honestly loved every minute of it, he was giggling away the whole time, once again, only Harry.
Julien Macdonald Catwalk show  S/S14

I've always loved Julien Macdonald, in fact as my welsh oral exam we had to speak about our heroes, and I chose Julien! I think he's a fab designer and I used to love watching him on Britain and Ireland's next top model. I loved how glamourous his collection was this time, and how wealthy the dresses looked, they were very classic party girl inspired I think, and the gold is just gorgeous. I also loved the shoes that they were all wearing, you can never go wrong with a strappy sandal! They all remind me of Dior advert dresses, and the low backs on the dresses give the outfits a sexy effect, without showing too much skin. You can never go wrong with a nude, and I think Julien's collection was classic.

I'm really enjoying the catwalk shows, what are you favourite collection of London Fashion Week so far?


  1. I love the Temperley collection, that's right up my street :) xx

    1. it's such a girly and floaty, perfect for next year's S/S .:)

  2. Hi Anna.
    I just stumbled across your blog, and I have to say I really love it! I love how you don't just do 'outfit posts' and actually do some writing! I commend you. Like you I focus mainly on the tradition writing side of blogging, and I would love if you could check my blog out.
    I have followed you on Bloglovin'

    1. Thankyou, that's really lovely. I love getting comments like these and I really appreciate them so I'm really grateful, I try and write as freely as possible, without offending anyone of course. :-)

  3. My favourite collections were by Erdem, Bora Aksu and Vivienne Westwood. I also quite liked the House of Holland collection as well, he always has lovely prints!

    1. They were so out there, I loved most of the shows this time round! X