Thursday, 21 November 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff X TOPSHOP

Hello Everyone! 
I'm finally back, you have no idea how desperate I have been to try and find a way to blog. Recently I have moved out of my house and into rented accommodation, just while we spruce up the house. I'm really excited to move there since although it's in the middle of nowhere, I love change, and I can't wait to have a new room so I can give you all a room tour! I haven't been falling behind on fashion but unfortunately I have been with blogging, but I'm back! And I plan to blog at least twice a week, since I have found an internet cafe that I can go to after school! It might be better if I started a planner, what do you think? Let me know if you'd like me to schedule posts instead of writing them whenever. 
So recently I've been a bit off TOPSHOP. As a teen, it hasn't really attracted me this A/W and I've been feeling as if it's just recreating last year's stock. But there is a new collab in town that I'm excited to talk about, which is Meadham Kirchhoff for TOPSHOP. Meadham Kirchhoff is a perfect example of (in my opinion) an underestimated designer who's been shadowed by others. The brand is designed by two close friends called Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff. Their pieces are usually quirky and eye popping with bright colours and unique prints, something every designer can't always achieve easily.
These are probably the coolest and cutest pairs of shoes I have ever seen! They remind me of tv shows when I was little like Strawberry Shortcake and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. They aren't the cheapest shoes in the world (£90-£165) but they will definitely draw attention when you're out and about. They also don't look too uncomfortable as you usually expect from a quirky shoe, it's the shape of the top that makes the unique, and also the straps. Given the chance (and if I could afford them) I would definitely buy them and feel confident wearing them in public.

There's something very doll like about this collection, it's frilly and there are lots of baby colours. However they've added all sorts of prints and sequins to make sure that they are most definitely not childish! 
The dresses are probably my favourite part of the collection since they are so colourful and different, and I'd definitely wear one to a bloggers event. My favourite is probably the one on the right since it's so colourful. I'm really into shift dresses at the moment so I really need to get my hands on one. 
These dresses have got to be my favourite pieces of the whole collection because they are just so unique and cute I can't express my love for them. The Eyeball pattern on the first dress makes it really different and a lot more playful than if it was just white, and the pleated dress on the right is just fabulous.

Overall Opinion:
The Collection itself is really pricey which stops me from buying it, but the clothing is really unique and playful so I'd rate it 8/10.

Thanks for staying with me, I love you.


  1. Those shoes are so cool!! I especially like the pink ones, but I don't think I'd wear them if I'm being honest aha x

    1. No I probably wouldn't, I'm too awkward to wear them, but aren't they pretty! I'd just want to display them in a case not walk around in them ;)

  2. Those are cool shoes!! xx